Saturday night quickie — one ingredient gluten-free/dairy-free/no sugar added dessert

What’s with me and the late Saturday night posts lately?


Last time I stayed up past my bedtime and decided to do a post, I was filling my bowl with another frozen treat — my chocolate-banana-peanut butter mock ice cream. 

Tonight I was feeling fruity.

And I thought you might be too, so I logged on to share this little ditty with you right quick.

Ready for the recipe?

Peach “Sorbet”

1 can peaches in pear juice (this is the only time I do fruit from a can…it’s better with the juice than heavy, sugary syrup)

Stick the whole can in your freezer and let it get nice and solid. When you’re ready for your treat, take it out of the freezer and let it sit on the counter for a while, or run it under warm water to loosen things up a little. Open the can and use a knife to slice through the semi-frozen peaches and dump into blender.

Blend on puree/high setting until smooth.

Boom. Done. Dessert.

Really, that’s it. And it’s real food, real easy, real good. 🙂

Good night!

7 thoughts on “Saturday night quickie — one ingredient gluten-free/dairy-free/no sugar added dessert

  1. I wish I could eat this. My mother had a cousin that owned a peach cannery in GA and he gave us a tour. I have never been able to eat canned peaches since then (I think I was about ten). Don’t worry all the good peach went in the cans. I just can’t get over the ones that were over ripe. Ugh! May try a version when fresh peaches come in season.

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