Friday Photos: live from Palm Springs, CA

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.)

It’s 9 pm here in Palm Springs and I am beat.

So I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Less is more. Right?

Here’s how my week went down…

Real food continues — remember the Spicy Tomato Dill soup? We brightened it up with Italian venison sausage, a dollop of cream cheese, a little parmesan and fresh basil. Best.soup.ever.

Have you seen these? The reminded me of cheeze-it-like crackers and thought my nephew, (you’ve seen him around) who recently started eating gluten-free might like them. I didn’t scoop any up, but sent the info on to my sister for little buddy to try.

This was earlier this week on my walk home from work. And today when I left for the airport it was zero, not one degree of warmth.

And then I got here — Palm Springs, CA.

Lunch was served at Lulu. (outside, where it was 78 and sunny!)

We started things off with minestrone for two — my Mamasita eats GF with me when we get to hang, she’s crazy cool like that.

Up next was this healthier version of spinach dip with rice chips — when it first arrived, I was a little thrown off by the deep green color, but it turned out to be a great dip. Full of spinach flavor, didn’t miss the loads of cheese or mayo.

We rounded out our appetizer lunch with these chicken skewers with grilled mango & pineapple and a fruit salsa — and a little coconut dipping sauce.

And for dinner? B.L.A.T wraps — just wrap your bacon, tomatoes and avocado slices in lettuce and enjoy. (the bacon was still cooking, more bacon was added, no worries)

That’s all for tonight folks. It’s 11:15 to me, way past my bed time.

What’s on your gluten-free plate for the weekend?

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