*Wednesday Wishes*

This post has nothing to do with food. (Unless you count that tasty looking Crispin Cider in the photo – miss you, Crispin)

Sometimes I share things with you other than food. It’s rare, but it has happened before.

This post is about making wishes.

They’re not just for candle filled birthday cakes anymore, my friends.

So grab some of your besties.

Write them down, light them, watch them fly.

(But don’t start your hair on fire. No bueno.)

Flying Wish Paper is where it’s at.

My Wednesday Wishes

  • For you to join us for this month’s Gluten-Free Get Together at Cocina DeLeon in Brookfield. See the invite here.
  • For these legs of mine to carry me through week one of the Couch to 5k.
  • For you to help someone else’s wish come true and give what you can to Nella’s 2 for 2 Fund — read all about it here.
  • For the energy and motivation to stick to the Real Food pledge as long as I possibly can – it’s DAY 10 tomorrow!
  • For  articles about gluten-free living to stop using words like fad, trend, hype — I’m in this for the long haul.

What’s on your Wednesday wish list? 

4 thoughts on “*Wednesday Wishes*

  1. Oh what an honor to be in your blog this week! Our wishes went up into the Universe and I hope they all come true in 2012!! Love the pictures…and no, let’s not start our hair on fire *ahem*

    Love that food posts as much as the “other” posts.

    Let’s finish this week strong and be fabulous. 🙂

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