10 days of real food & the couch to 5k begins (again)

To kick off the year right, we are starting with a little real food detox.

There are plenty of detox plans out there, but I knew I wanted something basic, with no shakes or special products to purchase. Also wasn’t interested in drinking liquids only for two weeks. Basically, I just need to lay off the chips, cookies, and diet coke habits I’ve picked up this holiday season.

My sister had told me about the 100 Days of Real Food website this summer. I’m a big fan of their simple concept — eat whole foods, get rid of the processed stuff. And to be honest, (minus the last month) we try to eat that way in general.

We’re taking baby steps and doing their 10 Days of Real Food pledge, starting tomorrow and continuing through the 12th. My girl Kristi and I decided to rock the challenge together, and Mark says he’s in too — this will make it much easier at our place, to have us both on board.

He says it’s going to be a cake walk. I’m just hoping to wake up in a few days and not crave a Christmas cookie for breakfast. It will be an organized way to get back on track to eating the way we normally do.

And it helps me get working on my 2012 list right out of the gate. Not only are we going to be eating better, to “be well,” but we’re going to open up some cookbooks to inspire us. (I would love to do their 100 day challenge at some point this year too — maybe after our honeymoon.) 🙂

To go hand in hand with the better eating habits, it’s about time I get back to the gym. Consistently.

I sort of fell off the running wagon after the wedding. It’s my own fault. Wish I had someone blame, but I can’t think of anyone really.

So, I guess it’s on me.

I seem to do best when I have a game plan, so I’m going to do the Couch to 5k running plan again — and perfect timing, I just got an email with the date for our Team Gluten-Free 5k. 

We had a blast last year, and plan on more of the same for this year’s 5k — Saturday, May 19th.

Feel free to join in the fun — or tell me what you have planned for the new year. 

Ready. Set. Real Food. Go.

3 thoughts on “10 days of real food & the couch to 5k begins (again)

  1. I’m Ready!!!! Today’s breakfast is eggs and fresh fruit. Coffee was sweetened with all natural honey. Loved the pictures! Aaahhh memory lane. 🙂 We so got this!

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