Friday Photos: the week before detox

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I for one have had waaaay too much sugar in the last month.

As in, if I were to work out — I would be sweating cookies, whoopie pies and Hershey’s peppermint kisses.

This weekend will round out my gluttonous (not glutenous) holiday fun, followed by some serious changes around this house. Not the kind where you count every calorie and weigh in each day, but just eating sensibly. Whole foods with a serious cut back on sugar and treats. It wouldn’t hurt to lay off the chips either.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a year in review — complete with a new list for 2012, just like last year. Same Sister Laura, same kind of crafternoon with a page of plans for the new year.

For now, my week in photos.

I ate at Beans and Barley three times this week. What the what? Yes, three. A lovely lunch with my list-making-sister-from-another-mister (tuna salad plate) , a quick take out lunch that my husband grabbed for us (tuna melt on Udi’s bread) and a replenishing breakfast of pesto eggs to even things out. Would you believe I only snapped a picture of one of the meals? Slacker, I know.

Crafting takes a lot out of me, so chips were needed. Digging these Terra chips — thanks for leaving them, Laura!

More important than the plates of cookies was the food served up for Christmas. Mark does most of the cooking for family events, which is the only way he would have it. But because of his recent surgery, he was on limited duty. *cough* So he was taking it easy and only stepped in for the most important parts. (it’s hard to get him to sit still, but he had a few sous chefs, and we got it done)

Maple glazed pork with smoked paprika from Cook’s Illustrated

(at first my body didn’t recognize the green, leafy items… it had been a while)

I dined at Screaming Tuna twice this week. I’ve kind of been on a roll with eating out, do you think that’s why yoga pants have been my only wardrobe choice lately?

It took a server and two chefs to finally settle the debate of the miso soup — it is gluten-free. Although I chose not to eat it because there wasn’t a clear answer at first. The chef came back again later and let us know that they no longer use soy sauce in the broth because so many people have been coming in with gluten-free needs. So they are listening. Score one for us!

And not only did I get to catch up with other GF girlfriends, but we had the sweetest addition to our group… how cute is she? Little miss isn’t gluten-free, (her mama is) but she does suffer from Crohn’s Disease, so she knows how tummy troubles go. But you would never guess she is “suffering” from anything, there’s always a smile on her face. The chef whipped her up some grilled chicken breast “sushi” rolls and she held her own with the chopsticks, a real pro.

And to finish out the week, I spent this morning in the kitchen. My plan was to test out some cheddar garlic biscuit recipes for our NYE festivities. I started with this recipe from Elizabeth Barbone over on Serious Eats — she does a “GF Tuesday” feature there and I look forward to see what she’s working on each week.

Let’s just say I won’t be needing to try any of the other recipes.

Want minis? No problem. Just use a cookie scoop to make these — they will be perfect for the kiddos, or for the adults to justify eating five.

Either way, you’re going to want to make these soon. (to make them cheddar & garlic, just add 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder to the mix) And if you’re doing a detox like me, I would make them before you start that little adventure… you’ll want seconds.

What are you up to today? Are you off this week, or watching the clock tick until the weekend begins? 

6 thoughts on “Friday Photos: the week before detox

  1. Love this post. And the little girl from said post. I’m sure I’m speaking for all of us when I say we were blessed to have you in our lives in 2011, and look forward to sharing gluten free adventures with you in 2012. Happy New Year, my friend. 🙂

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