FoodFightMKE: help fight hunger in Milwaukee

Usually when I log on it’s to share a new recipe. Or my new go-to product in the gluten-free world. And every week I do my Friday Photos posts highlighting our plentiful meals from the week — we never go without.

But sadly so many do.

Right here in Milwaukee… one in four families with children suffer food hardships.

We actually were one of those families growing up. Not here in Milwaukee, but in a small town in southwest Minnesota. A single mom with three children, barely making ends meet. She worked full time, but sometimes that wasn’t enough. We received food stamps, made trips to the “food shelf” (the local food bank) and relied on the help of others to make our holiday season seem “normal” through their donations to our family.

Right before Christmas, Santa would show up with his helpers and deliver food baskets with turkey or ham, fruit and vegetables, and gifts for us kids. It was pretty amazing — I still remember feeling like the luckiest girl. Not realizing at the time that we were on the receiving end of charity, I just thought they did that for everyone.

Growing up going without makes me appreciate all that I do have today. And it motivates me to give what I can to help those who are in need.

Talk about motivated, have you heard of FoodFightMKE? It’s a movement started by a group of students from three universities in Milwaukee. Their goal? To help fight hunger in Milwaukee by inspiring people to join their cause, raising awareness about the serious situation many face in our community, and motivating our community to give how they can.

Take a second to peruse their website — check out their flash mob outside the Bradley Center! (really, go check it out)

Ok, good… you’re back.

Because now I need your help.

I know times are tough, believe me. And it may be difficult to help out financially, but no worries — there are many different ways you can give.

  • SPEAK UP: talk about this cause. tell your friends and family about it. take 10 seconds and post it to your Facebook profile or tweet about it.
  • SHOW SUPPORT: change your profile picture or Twitter avatar to the FoodFightMKE logo. you can see mine over on Twitter.
  • LEND A HAND: have a couple hours to spare? you can volunteer. sort food, help out at events, all kinds of crazy-cool stuff. email to learn more.

And if you’re lucky (like me) and have a job with benefits that allows you to dine out on occasion, indulge in happy hour from time to time, check out the latest flick for a date night or head to the mall for a new Christmas sweater… then you can put a small amount towards a good cause, yes?

You can “give hunger the finger, with your two thumbs” by texting “FOOD” to 52000 to make a $10 donation to Hunger Task Force.

It’s just $10. That’s it. And because I love you guys, I already thought of the ways you can come up with the money.

  1. have a date night at home and rent that movie
  2. wear your new Christmas sweater for the date night… so you can turn the heat down just a tad, cozy up to the one you love and save some pennies
  3. make it a two drink maximum instead of minimum for happy hour — put the extra dough you saved into this fund

It’s easy-peasy. Seriously, you can do it right now. Just pick up your phone, put 52000 in the “To:” field and “FOOD” in the message and hit send. You’ll get a message back that asks you to confirm by replying with YES. (my co-worker just made her donation from the other side of the room — thanks Chris!)

Maybe you’re not into texting, we’ve got that covered too. You can donate on the Hunger Task Force donation page.

More of a social butterfly? You can go to their Soup & Bread event tonight — where the food is free, but donations are welcome.

What am I doing?

  • sent my $10 text donation on Thanksgiving
  • blabbing about it to anyone who will listen (again, thanks Chris!)
  • collecting food donations at our Holiday Happy Hour Gluten-Free Get Together dinner next Thursday at Transfer
  • donated food at our campus wide food drive for Hunger Task Force at work

So you see, texting the $10 doesn’t seem so bad huh?

The campaign runs through the end of 2011, so you still have a couple of weeks to get this done, but why wait — just do it today. It’s a small favor I ask of you. And in return, I’ll share as many Grandma EdithAnn recipes with you as you’d like.
Actually, you know what? If you give hunger the finger, by donating the $10 — leave a message below telling me that you did, on January 1st I’ll put the names in a hat and draw one lucky winner. Then I’ll whip up a batch of my grandma’s cookies (of your choice) and mail them right to your house.
What are you waiting for? Get texting. Ready, set, FOOD FIGHT!

11 thoughts on “FoodFightMKE: help fight hunger in Milwaukee

  1. SA you inspire me daily. I read your words and see your pics and feel all lit up inside. Thanks for spreading your light…I will act now. Have to 🙂 So many to help and so little time. xoxo ~pk

  2. As Julie said on FB, a $10 donation is a small amount compared with the great advice we get from you. Just texted and confirmed my donation. Thanks for helping us and helping the hungry!

  3. You have written some really great posts on your blog. Really, really great posts. You inspire others by sharing your experiences. You give hope by sharing your journey. You empower by sharing your knowledge. You’ve never done those things better than you did in this post. God bless you, my friend. I’d write more, but I have to go make my donation now. 🙂

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