many thanks for many (more) things

You guys sure know how to make a girl blush. Your comments on yesterday’s post made my day, my week, my Thanksgiving. So much that I decided to do another round. I could really go on and on with all the blessings this year, but my hope is that you are spending time with your families and friends, so let’s get on with it already.

Things I am giving thanks for today:

1. My co-workers — my family at work. They are frequent flyers on the gluten-free friendly flight. For our potluck today, one of my supervisors sent out a reminder  email to include some GF options (not that she had to, they do it every single time anyway) so that we could all enjoy it. (meaning me, sweet huh?) It’s at the point now where my list of options on the table is greater than the few things I can’t have.

I would say they more than earned themselves a tray of these treats.

pumpkin spice cookies with RumChata cream cheese frosting

2. This lonely tree on the block that still holds onto its leaves. Makes me smile each time I walk by it, on my way to work in the morning. The colors are finally changing to a dark, burnt orange, but only recently. I’m holding on to these last days of above-the-norm temps too. Grateful that I’m alive and well — able to walk to work. (remind me of this when I am complaining about blizzard-like conditions, as I trek across campus)

3. All of the men and women who serve our country, many of them will be spending their holiday season away from their families, but my hope is that they are well fed, taken care of tomorrow, and able to watch the Packer game. Or maybe they are having their feast a day early, like these folks in Arizona. My brother was part of this effort, so proud of him and all that he has accomplished with the Air Force, with his church community, and as one amazing dad to three great kids.

4. My little community over on Facebook — although I don’t get in as many posts as I would like sometimes on here, I try to hop on there everyday and check in with everyone, see what’s happening, who needs help converting a recipe, the latest GF cereal craze, you know… the important stuff.

5. My girls. Without them, I would be: losing my mind most days, bored, lacking smiles and laughter, clueless about make-up, haiku-less, missing out on a wholehearted life, pretty much miserable. They are my sunshine when skies are gray.

Family, friends, food. (and plenty of it) My hope is that you are blessed with the same.

Didn’t get in on sharing your “gratitude list” here yesterday? No worries, spill it now. Tell me what you’re thankful for tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.



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