Crunchmaster crackers: a gluten-free staple.

I’ve told you before that I get text messages and emails from family and friends all the time with the latest and greatest gluten-free items they have found at the grocery store. Each and every one of those messages puts a smile on my face. Life is hectic. I’m the sister that has to hang up as soon as I head into a store because I can’t handle being on the phone and pushing my cart around at the same time — but my super-mom-celiac-sister? She can be on the phone with me for over a half and hour and then say, “don’t mean to cut you off, but I have to go through the check out”

As in… she’d been on the phone with me the entire time she was shopping. You have to multi-task when you have kiddos, I get that.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Shopping. Hectic life. Grocery store. Picture mail. Smiley me.

My point is that it means the world to me to have friends and family take time out of their crazy lives to first of all even notice something that is gluten-free, and then to take the time to send me a photo with a message — you all know who you are. Many thanks!

By far THE most common picture I get is of Crunchmaster crackers. The text typically says something like, “these are AWESOME, have you tried them?” or “I’m sure you’ve already had these… they are so good!”

They are also the most common gluten-free item that my peeps have stocked up when they know I’m coming over.

super simple snack with hummus 

There are always mama’s-to-be in my life and one of them recently told me that they are her go-to cracker during pregnancy. (she’s not GF, but obviously has good taste in snacks!)

They are rolling out new flavors all the time, my current favorite: Roasted Vegetable. Closet thing to those little wheat containing crackers I used to love. The ones with a hint of sea salt are simple, light, and can pretty much hold any cheese or dip. And they are perfect for the chicken salad I rave about from Cocina DeLeon!

The folks at Crunchmaster sent me some of the newer flavors to try recently, we are big fans… to be honest, we haven’t had one we yet that we don’t like! (my one and only complaint is how crunchy they are, and yes, I realize that is part of the name, but that’s my one beef with gluten-free crackers — I miss the flaky, buttery ones. that’s all.)

You can rest easy because they are certified gluten-free crackers, and some are sugar and dairy free too for my peeps with other dietary needs.

Need ideas for topping your tasty treats from Crunchmaster?

How about:

  • my sister’s easy-peasy chicken salad: a can of Hormel chicken, tomato, cucumber, mayo, salt/pepper and a little ranch.
  • some local made, Wisconsin cheddar
  • dipping in fondue 
  • paired with any kind of hummus

Or if you want to get even more creative, check out their website for recipe ideas

You can find them at most grocery stores these days. In the Milwaukee area: Pick n’ Save, Sendik’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, and I’m sure other places as well. They have a handy little store locator on their website that you can use too.

And while you’re on the website, fill out your information to stay up to date on new products and discounts — you actually get a $1 off coupon that you can print right away.

Have you tried Crunchmaster crackers? What are you topping them with these days?


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