Friday Photos: live from Denver


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As I type this, I’m sitting outside on the deck. The sun warming my face. No coat or umbrella needed. (the rain, wind, and cool temps of Milwaukee were a harsh send off) But Denver welcomed me with sunny skies and temps in the 70’s.

My belly is full from this simple yet satisfying breakfast.

I was a guest at a home I have never eaten at before — that can always be a little scary, but it was just fine. My hosts for brunch have a sister and niece who have Celiac Disease, so they understood my needs. I skipped the banana bread, but other than that, I didn’t go without.

I get spoiled when I come out to Denver. Both of my dear friends who I spend time with while I’m here get the gluten-free thing. And they do so without making a huge deal out of it.

Like when I arrived last night, a counter of snacks greeted me: Crispin cider, Sabra hummus, both Crunchmaster and Back to Nature crackers, cheese, fruit and Riceworks chips. We settled on the cheese, cracker, hummus combo. (loving these crackers, with both did, similar to Crunchmaster crackers)

And I have no doubt, when I arrive at my next destination today, there will be a New Planet beer waiting.

The folks at New Planet sent me some samples to try a while back, and it is by far my top choice for gluten-free beer. My fingers and toes are crossed that they start distributing in Wisconsin in the very near future. In the mean time, how many beers do you think would keep me under the 50lb limit for one piece of luggage?

In other news, did you know that the butter popcorn from the Boy Scouts is gluten-free? It says so right on the package. (check out their website for more detailed allergy info regarding their other products)

Did you head over to Writing Up an Appetite this week for my guest post? If you didn’t, you missed one heck of a pumpkin cookie recipe. There’s still time…. head over there now. Thank me later. (and yes, they are perfectly okay for breakfast. I took a poll on it.)

The weekend has only just begun here in this gold-star-GF-city  — who knows what else I might find this weekend! I’ll be sure to fill you in next week. Same time. Same place.

7 thoughts on “Friday Photos: live from Denver

  1. Where did you find Crispin in Denver? I’ve been smuggling it back from my work travels and know what you mean about the 50 lb luggage limit. I heard they were coming to Colorado in OCtober, but have yet to see any on the shelves. THANKS!

    • It has been one amazing weekend — the usual for my time in Denver. And the GF options are everywhere. I stuffed myself full of samples at the farmers’ market in Boulder yesterday! Thank YOU for always reading, commenting, attending, supporting. Being YOU. You rock.

    • good luck with the New Planet search! they are expanding their market and working their way out of CO, so let’s hope! still experimenting with the new camera, but it has been fun, thank you!

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