wool dryer balls: a farewell to dryer sheets

Raise your hand if, like me, you enjoy doing laundry.

Come on now, raise it high. Be proud. (or at least keep me company)

It’s time consuming, I know. But there is something to be said about a load of freshly washed laundry, straight from the dryer.

Is anyone still reading?


You’re probably thinking, “yeah, okay, we get it… you like laundry… where’s the recipe?”

I debated stepping outside of my normal routine to write about something non-food related. I wasn’t sure if you’d like it. I was over thinking. Over analyzing. It’s what I do best really. (just ask my husband) But I decided to just go for it. Write about a product I found at the gluten-free expo in Madison a few months ago… and hope you still come back. (to sweeten the deal, there’s a coupon code!)

From the moment I saw these Willow Store wool dryer balls, I was intrigued. I have seen other people use those plastic ball things in their dryers — which are loud! Not my style. It seemed like a pretty big claim that these wool balls could take the place of dryer sheets and reduce drying time significantly.

But did they ever!

Hence my farewell to dryer sheets. Since the first time I used them, I’ve been raving about them to everyone who is willing to listen. They just make sense. Especially for those of us who are constantly reading labels and concerned that our daily use item (cosmetics, lotions, etc.) may contain gluten, or other ingredients our bodies do not tolerate well.

Things I’m loving about wool dryer balls:

  • made from natural felted wool
  • they really DO reduce drying time (by almost half, in most cases)
  • NO chemicals, which means no extra film of yuck on your clothes
  • they last for years — saving you lots-o-cash on dryer sheets!
  • they come in cool colors, but won’t bleed onto your clothes
What’s not to love, right?
Ok, there’s one more thing. My new friend Catherine, who started up The Willow Store, and who was so very kind to send me these dryer balls to try out, is giving you guys a deal! Just use the code CHANGE at check-out to save yourselves 10% off your order.
Easy-peasy. Head on over to the the store and take a look around. They also sell all kinds of baby related items like cloth diapers, which at one point in life I thought was a crazy idea, but am now considering for my kiddos someday. Stock up for the upcoming holidays, like my smarty pants soul sister is planning to do. (I like to steal her ideas, so if you get these for Christmas, act surprised.)
*sigh of relief*
I made it through a non-food post — what do you think? Do you dig changing things up from time to time? Want food only? (no shame in that) Or could go either way? Leave a comment so I know you survived the post too.

16 thoughts on “wool dryer balls: a farewell to dryer sheets

  1. I just ordered some, they sound great! With four teenagers in the house I do a lot of laundry so the reduced drying time will save on our hydro bill!

  2. I get itchy from dryer sheets so I have been using the plastic balls, which do not reduce drying time, but do leaves clothes softer. I will definately have to add these to my wish list. Now if only I could find something that collects dog hair off my clothes in the dryer…

    • it seems many people are sensitive to dryer sheets. actually, my landlord (who lives below us and we share washing machine/dryer) has a very severe sensitivity to laundry detergent and dryer sheets, so we are asked to use non-scented anything — and let me tell you, it was hard at first. I LOVE the smell of laundry, so I was bummed. but after not using it for over a year now, I don’t miss it. so switching to the dryer balls was pretty much a no-brainer. (and saves so much on energy and costs of dryer sheets)

  3. Thanks for the shout out! It made my day!!!!!!!!
    I’m so super excited to get some of these, and who doesn’t want to save money and energy!??!!? AND WHO DOESN’T LOVE LAUNDRY?? It’s my favorite house chore to do!!!!
    So excited! Love the post!
    Sjel Soster

    • it’s been a while since your last shout out, wanted you to feel some love before you left the country for your adventure! our next wine night should include laundry, just for kicks. xoxo

  4. Love the idea—who doesn’t want to shorten the dryer time! And, I too have to admit to loving the process of doing laundry, but dread the putting it away part! My hubby is allergic to basically everything, so no dryer sheets for us–think I’ll give these a try!

    Thanks Sarah!

    • At first I wasn’t so sure about the shortening of drying time, but then I’d set the timer to be done in as much time as it takes to wash, and they were dry! SO nice to be able to just do one load after another, without waiting for the dryer to be done. And the putting away part isn’t my favorite part either — things tend to hang out in the basket for a while. 🙂

      • one more thing—- I’m guessing the dyes are natural right?? We’ll probably have to use the natural color—dangit the colorful ones are so pretty!! And sometimes you just need pretty when it comes to daily tasks!!

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