Peeled Snacks: simple. gluten-free. happy snacks.

**UPDATE: Congrats to KRISTEN (aka globalite76) for winning the give away from Peeled Snacks! Contact me at to collect your prize!


One of the perks of having a blog, is that from time to time, companies contact me, wanting to send samples of their products to try. I am typically a little hesitant.

But with good reason.

Over the last couple of years, I have been sent some not-so-tasty treats to try… and they have gone in the garbage. They don’t even make the blog. And there are mixed feelings around the blogging world about this. Some feel you should share the good and the bad, and don’t get me wrong, I do that too. But with limited time to spend blogging, I prefer to share with you the things that I love. The products I will go out and buy again. The ones I want you to try too.

I’ve been slacking off a little with my “Celiac in the City Suggests” category, so when the folks from Peeled Snacks contacted me, it was perfect timing. I had seen the products at Starbucks, but had not tasted them yet. And you know me, I’m always on the lookout for new snack options.

To be honest, I usually pass on dried fruit. It’s usually lacking in flavor, you know, tastes kind of blah.

But not these!

Farmer’s Market Trio: apple, cherry, raisin

It says right on the package, “gently dried” and “nothing added,” which is what I love about these. Just fruit, no added anything. And not shriveled up kind of dried, just gently. They are still soft and chewy.

And when you open the bag?

It smells like fresh pineapple.

*warning: these are highly addictive*

But don’t you worry, these come in one-serving size packets. Perfect for those who may have issues with portion control. (this girl)

And they’re not only at Starbucks — you can find them at Costco locations in the Midwest now, as well as other grocery and convenient stores. I’m going to be carrying them around in my work bag, and now you can too. The generous team over at Peeled Snacks is going to send an Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack to one lucky reader!

To enter yourself in the random drawing:

  • Take a look around, check out their different flavors, then come back here and LEAVE A COMMENT below, telling me which flavor you just have to try. Are you a Pine-4-Pineapple like me? Or a Banan-a-Peel? Whatever makes you smile, leave that flavor below.
That’s it. Easy-peasy right?
*If you would like some additional entries in the drawing, you can:
For each of these, you will get an additional entry in the drawing. Please leave a separate comment for each one. Winner will be drawn on Wednesday, August 24th at 8PM CST. For US residents only. 
Snack on!

27 thoughts on “Peeled Snacks: simple. gluten-free. happy snacks.

  1. They all look so good but I think I would love to try the Banan-a-peel I am addicted to bananas! I love fruity snacks overall though.

  2. Just thinking about the pine-4-pineapple makes me want to drive right over to starbucks to try some! Hands down, first choice taste winner for me!

  3. My son is gluten, casein, and peanut free. I’ve recently starting eating this way also. I will definitely check out these snacks. He’s a picky eater, but these look so yummy!

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