Will travel: Norway






This will be a “bear with me” kind of post.

Not only am I live from Norway, my first post from another country, but I’m doing it from my phone. (and I’m so not techie) But it’s been a while, and who doesn’t love a challenge?

For those that don’t know, I’m here exploring with my Mamasita and my aunt. A trip we have been waiting to take for quite a while. Their parents (the same gma g from the monster cookies) traveled here years ago to visit family.

And now we are here. Exploring. Walking miles and miles each day to get in as many sites as we can. Struggling through a language barrier (so happy I took a basic Norwegian class before we came!) And loving each moment of this adventure.

We have journeyed across this country in the time we have been here — from Oslo, then a 7 hour train ride through the mountains to the west coast to Bergen. Then back to Oslo tomorrow, for one last day before we fly home.

More to come when I am home safe and sound (and can read every label with confidence), but for now, a few photos from my week from the land of the midnight sun. Where the fish market saved the day with fresh, boiled shrimp and smoke salmon. The day begins with hot tea and gingersnaps. New GF bread saved the day with pb&j sandwiches. And cider is labeled “safe for coeliacs”. Life is good.

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