Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale & Silent Auction

Tomorrow is a day of gratitude.

A day to give of myself. Help others. Create awareness.


In the morning, I will run my first 5k with Team Gluten-Free. All of the proceeds will go to the Celiac Disease Foundation, who in turn, send kids with Celiac Disease to summer camp. (wish they had one for adults) Fifteen of us will hit the pavement tomorrow morning for this important cause.

And after the race, instead of heading home to pass out on the couch — I’ll be rounding up as many friends as I can to check out the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer Bake Sale & Silent Auction event happening down at Best Place at the historic Pabst Brewery.

I was honored when Peef and Lo from Burp! Where Food Happens sent out the call for bakers for this cause, which holds a a special place in my heart, and included me on their list. Such a simple way to come together as a community and make a difference.

As soon as I read the email, I knew I was in. And I knew the cookies to make — Grandma G’s Monster Cookies.

I lost both of my grandmas to cancer, as well as numerous other family, friends and little kiddos over the years. It’s heartbreaking. So this is my opportunity to give a little. To put a little extra love into these batches of cookies for tomorrow, and share them with the community. Spread awareness about the need to support research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancers. All of the proceeds go to the Cookies for Kids’ Cancer organization.

When you’re out and about tomorrow, running errands, grocery shopping, getting your hair done — take just a few minutes to stop in at this event. Grab some cookies. Take part in the silent auction. Be part of the community, standing together for this cause.


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