A BeUdiful day: a gluten-free cookout with Udi’s

We’re finally seeing signs of spring in Milwaukee.

Which means it is time to bust out the grill — and what perfect timing, Udi’s is coming out with gluten-free hotdog and hamburger buns! (you may have even found some at a store near you already)

I have these super-crazy-cool friends over at Udi’s that were kind enough to send me a sneak peek of what’s to come. (*thanks Jillian*) Not only buns, but Ancient Grains bread too.

They had the hotdog buns out at the GF Expo in Chicago last month. The same expo where I finally got to meet Heather from Udi’s, in real life. And not only Heather, but also Gluten-Free Betsy!

I like to share the love, so we made time for a family cookout to let the other people on our little family “team GF” taste the goodness too.

Look at ’em. They look just like “regular” buns don’t they? Not teeny-tiny.

We were all about the meat for this cookout — but they would work just fine for veggie burgers too. (I’m a big fan of the Southwest ones from Sunshine Burger) And since the cookout, I’ve used them for shredded beef with peppers and onions too. Or you can make it a chicken sandwich by checking out the Italian Marinade over on the Udi’s site.

We tried out the classic & whole grain hamburger buns and the classic hotdog buns. Two thumbs up from everyone who had them. Not that they had to be heated, but we toasted them up on the grill first.

You’re going to want to get these for cookout season. Trust me. Good stuff.

If you check out the Udi’s site, you can get a coupon for a $1.00 off the new products!

So, not only did Udi’s make the cookout perfecto, they’ve been making my breakfasts more interesting too. In the upcoming months, you are going to be seeing Ancient Grains breads from Udi’s.

I have a feeling I’ll be making my egg sandwiches more often. But not to be limited to use for breakfast only — this bread made one amazing grilled cheese.

Want cheese that melts evenly? Try shredding it — works like a charm.

Paired up with my guy’s homemade chicken noodle soup? Aww, yeah!

And if you aren’t already keeping their bagels around, you really should. Loving the cinnamon raisin ones lately.

What about you guys — what are you going to be grillin’ for your Udi’s cookout?

9 thoughts on “A BeUdiful day: a gluten-free cookout with Udi’s

  1. Buffalo Hot Dogs!!!! I’m so excited to actually have a hot dog bun! Now the major question, cole slaw and mustard or sauerkraut and mustard? Ah, to have choices. =D

    • Hey Sarena — thanks for stopping by to comment! Where are you located? I bet they are coming to a store near you. And remember, you can always ask a store manager to order things. They are really good about that usually!

  2. My daughter is excited about the new items and will try to find them in our area. Her being a college student (over40) with limited income sometimes finds it too expensive to buy your product. She ordered cases of bread and pizza crusts and shipping doubled the price. She probably won’t be doing that again. I know specialty items usually cost more but one can only do what their income lets them. If you have a list of retailers in the Columbia S.C. area we would appreciate it. Your sincerely, Peggy Tyler & Valerie Pack.

    • Hi Peggy! I’m just a big fan of Udi’s products (not actually my product) and love to share the good word. You’re right, gluten-free goods CAN be more expensive. I keep my eye out for good deals AND you can get a $1.00 off coupon from the Udi’s site.

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