Team Gluten-Free 5k . Saturday, May 21st

When I started the Couch to 5k Running program in December, my body struggled to get through just 60 seconds of running. By the time I finished the program in February, I was running 30 minutes straight.

Now it’s time to put those running skills to the test. (I am no where near “real runner” status, but to this girl, this is a very big deal)

Saturday, May 21st is our 2nd Annual Team Gluten-Free 5k at Brown Deer Park.

And this time, I’m running!

But I didn’t get here alone. Luckily my guy has been my running partner over the last few months, both at the gym and when WI weather cooperated, along the lake. And my soul sister — my cheerleader. She’s been supporting me every single week of the program and now she’s running it with me too.

Want to join us?

You can RSVP on the Facebook invite, or contact me via email at There are GF friends running and walking, at all speeds. And if you want to just come cheer us on, that works too.

Either way, you can support us as we raise funds to benefit the Celiac Disease Foundation — with the money we raise, kiddos with Celiac Disease will have the opportunity to go to their very own summer camp.

Who’s with us?

2 thoughts on “Team Gluten-Free 5k . Saturday, May 21st

  1. Way to go Sarah! I know you will do great; because you got me to do the c25k again! Thanks for your inspiration and I will cheering you on from AR!

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