do you fondue?

Remember the last time we went to the farm?

Not only did we whip up some of Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s pizza, but we did some appetizers too. That’s what we do at the farm.

We eat.

And play.

Drink wine.  (we needed it for the fondue, of course)

And eat some more.

Are you a fondue fan?

Growing up, we always got to choose a special meal for our birthday. Fondue was at the top of my list. We didn’t exactly have this fondue pot, but it all turned out alright. We used oil in the pot to make meats and anything breaded.

This time it was all cheese. Gruyère and Havarti. With a little Pinot Grigio added in.

And plenty of dippers.

If Cupid gives me one of these for Valentine’s Day, my life will be complete.

How about you… do you fondue?


8 thoughts on “do you fondue?

  1. Yes! The time I made it, I baked a special loaf of bread for us in the bread machine, then cut it up for the fondue. The fondue was a cheesy crabmeat sort of thing. Very tasty. I have that fondue pot, LOL.

  2. I’m from the mid-west and in the 70’s we did fondue every week but we never used bread, we used meat and veggies….no need for crappy gluten free bread. We cubed up sirloin and pan fried it then steamed out favorite veggies till about half done them dipped away.

  3. I’ve fondue-d…done fondue…fondue, I did…you catch my drift. And, considering cheese is THE main food group at our house, I’m surprised we don’t fondue more often. It could be that I’m lacking a fancy pot. And a bottle of wine 🙂

  4. It’s our favorite New Year’s Eve meal, even if it is just for the two of us. We like a curried fondue with blanched red potatoes, broccoli, bread, carrots, red bell pepper. I have never thought of dipping pretzels, but that would be good too! In cheese or chocolate.

    Last year for my birthday we went to The Melting Pot because they had just released their GF menu. Do you have one there? If not, there are some down in Chi-town.

    We even have two fondue pots so that we could make cheese and chocolate for past New Year’s parties…

    • Mmm, the curried fondue sounds fabulous! We do have a Melting Pot in the Milwaukee area, I have never been, but have heard great things. Will need to check it out sometime. And two fondue pots? Nice! 🙂

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