Gluten free at the Milwaukee County Farmers’ Market

After the regular growing season ended in our family garden, produce at the store just didn’t cut it. Luckily, we have the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market.

A hidden treasure we discovered last year. Remember? I even did a post about it. I share with you, it’s what I do.

I’m making the rounds again at the market this year. Bringing friends along to experience meeting the actual farmer who planted, cared for and harvested the foods.

Speaking of friends…

It’s Linda, from Cocina DeLeon. One of the sweetest ladies I know. She’s doing her thing at the market. Handing out samples of her naturally gluten-free enchiladas. (I have some of the spinach and black bean ones in my freezer at all times.)

She was kind enough to pass on my info to a woman from the market. To find out what gluten-free items they might have for us. See? So sweet. A gem.

This is part of the email I received:

...aside from meat, poultry, charcuterie, produce, honey, sorghum, maple syrup, herbs, coffee, artisan cheese, organic milk, wine, hard cider and distilled spirits, we have a broad spectrum of Wisconsin specialty food producers who feature high quality gluten-free products.

Lucky. That’s what we are.

And that’s why I’m doing another post on the winter farmers’ market. So you know what to look for when you go!

Like the happy crew from Wisconsin Soup Company. Making handcrafted soups from local farmers’ produce. Several of their soups are gluten-free.

And two of those marked with a “G” were available to sample. Hot, tasty soup.

The Cream of Mushroom was lovely. Rich with flavor bursting in each spoonful. This was my first time, in three years of being gluten-free, that I tasted a cream of mushroom soup that made me want more.

I’m digging these folks. Fun, friendly and offering safe soups that awaken the taste buds? Yes, please!

You can find them at the winter market for now, then at some outdoor locations in the spring. (go show them some gluten-free love)

Want to know what else you can get at the market?

(none of the beer and pretzel ones though…but you know that)

Don’t you just love samples? Gone are the days when we can cruise through the grocery store and try the pizza samples, but you won’t feel left out at the winter market. All kinds of things to try.

Do me a favor? Try the sea salt ones. You can thank me later.

You don’t see that kind of sign everyday.

  • And then there are the eggs. You guys know how much I love my eggs. I tend to talk about them often. Give them to me poached, fried, scrambled, omletted, (yes, I make up words from time to time, who doesn’t?)  hard boiled, deviled. I’ll take them all.

Especially beautiful, farm-fresh ones like these:

Put them on some Udi’s bread with Usinger’s sausages and some red peppers, and you’re all set.

Or, for dinner, over flank steak and mushroom sauce. (from those very same mushrooms pictured above)

There is something for everyone. And there are plenty of fresh, whole foods that are naturally gluten-free as well.

Go often. Go early. (I recommend an 8:00 arrival for best selection and you can grab coffee from Valentine Coffee, brewed right there in front of you, at the market… amazing coffee, can’t get enough!)

Will I see you there in the morning?

4 thoughts on “Gluten free at the Milwaukee County Farmers’ Market

  1. The Garlic Cheese spread from River Valley Ranch is to die for – a bit pricey, but totally worth a splurge. Eat on chicken, salads, pork, garlic bread, or just out of the jar. Yummy! Glad to see they’ve added since last year!

  2. My mouth is watering at the site of the eggs, sausage, and peppers on Udi’s bread. I think I might have to head to the kitchen and make one myself. Thanks for all the info as usual. It gives me things to tell local venders about in my small little part of the world in hopes that one day, I’ll have the great selection of GF foods and treats that you do.

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