gluten free pizza night at the farm

Pizza makes me smile.

So does this little guy.

You’ve seen his sweet face before. He was begging for a cut out cookie. Of course I let him have one. (he signed PLEASE, and that gets me every time)

Any time his mommy asks me to come out to the farm, there’s no debating, I go. Not having little ones of my own, nights like these are just what I need. To see little hands, so eager to get up to the counter to help, there is nothing else like it.

He’s working on Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s pizza crust. It’s in their new book, disguised as gluten-free crackers on page 156.

How did he do?

My little man Q gave it two thumbs up.

We’ve been making this crust since the first week of having the cookbook. It gets better every single time. I don’t obsess over getting it rolled into a perfect looking pizza anymore. With strategically arranged toppings. (just like I had to stop freaking out about pictures with the best lighting, just not happening in Wisconsin winter)

Nope. Things are more rustic looking these days. (although the one up above was so-very-tasty)

And we roll it out super-duper thin now too. Not only do you get a flaky, crispy crust, but more pizzas to share.

If you are missing pizza, do yourself a favor and get this book. Friends and family are asking for the gluten-free pizza these days.

That makes me smile too.



7 thoughts on “gluten free pizza night at the farm

  1. Hi, I am looking to relocate to WI and I see you mentioned a WI winter. How are they, really? Also, how difficult is it to find Gluten free products and places to eat? I hope you will give me some insight. I happen to love this recipe also.

    • Hello! To be honest, we didn’t really have winter this year, so very do-able. 🙂 I’ve been in the midwest my whole life, still love the seasons and you deal with the cold in various ways — hot chocolate, hot toddy drinks, baking, etc. Where in WI are you moving? If it’s anywhere near Milwaukee, there are ALL KINDS of options! (and in many other parts of the state too)

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  3. AmAzInG and soooo yummy looking! Can’t wait for a G/F pizza night with my favorite G/F Soul Sister!
    Great post…and it made ME smile…just like all your posts do!

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