crafting up 2011 resolutions

We made it.

A new year.

Time to forget all of those gluten-free cookies we ate in the last few weeks and move forward. No punishing. No feeling guilty.

Moving on. (and eating plenty of these to balance out all that sugar and flour)

I can’t remember the last time I actually wrote down New Year’s resolutions. Let’s get serious. I never really write them down. But each year I at least think about them. Even say them out loud some years.

This year was different. Maybe it was because my dear friend was in town visiting. Or because we really wanted to craft, but hadn’t come up with an idea yet. But something got us to the point of not only putting them on paper, but getting crafty about it.

What started as a list of tenets typed on a sitcky note on the Mac, turned into an evening of appetizers, cardstock, rubber cement and our commitments to 2011.

Wisconsin winters do not lend themselves to good lighting, and sometimes the camera phone is just more convenient.

My guy was more into whipping up snacks for us than picking out colors and using the paper cutter. Weird, I know.

He’s crafty on a food level though. My fridge was pretty bare, but he came up with some appetizers that rocked our first night of 2011.

On our table:

  • Bean Dip: refried beans with sriracha sour cream, homemade salsa, cheese and cilantro
  • Nut Thins topped with Merkts cheese spread
  • Ceviche made with Alaskan halibut (that my adventurous friend caught herself and brought with her)
  • Prosecco with fresh fruit

We made it.

Here’s to 2011, the year of: running my 5K, yoga, finishing a sewing project, sending snail mail, organizing my blog and office, and learning Norwegian.

Did you jot down some goals for this year? Or are you still trying to remember what you said you would do in 2010? Either way, we want to know!

8 thoughts on “crafting up 2011 resolutions

  1. This year is actually the second year I’m documenting some of my resolutions on my blog. I’m only documenting my food-related goals on my blog though. Maybe I should expand them to other categories….. And I totally agree with you about WI lighting situation in winter.
    Good luck on achieving your goals! 🙂

    • Hi Anna,
      Food goals are always fun… and I’m a huge soup fan too, and I’ll be checking back often to see what kinds of soup you are making. (and they don’t ALL have to be measurable, not all of mine are either, and I’m okay with that) Good luck to you as well and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Funny you should mention it. This was the first year that I even gave serious thought to making and writing down my resolutions. For some reason, when I write things down, they tend to have more power in my life. So, yes, bring it on. 2011, I’m ready!

  3. Love it! Wonderful on so many levels; good friends, good food, and good talks about life and what 2011 will bring! I think you already know my list, and so far – so good!

  4. 2011 New Year Resolutions

    1. Train for my first half marathon… it’s on my bucket list, and this is the year that I begin fulfilling THAT.

    1A. Walk/jog on the treadmill (for now), then outside once there is actually daylight in the mornings.

    2. Completely reorganize my scrapbook room. God knows it needs to be organized.

    3. Learn to love myself. Focus more on me and my health issues.

    4. Spend more time with friends near and far.

    That’s it ….. should be a wonderful year.

    • That’s it? That’s a whole heck of a lot Ms Roxy, and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see you all at the 5K. And once it gets warmer, I think we should set up some place to meet and do a run before May 21st when we do the Team Gluten Free 5k!

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