Gluten-free gift giving for the holidays ~ A DIY Goodie Bag

Remember last year when we talked about Christmas shopping? I was telling you how this song was stuck in my head?

It’s still there. Every year when I hear this song, I call my Celiac-sista and put the phone up to the speakers in my car so she can sing along with me. It started many years ago on a trip to Las Vegas around Christmas time. We loved it then. It made us giggle. It still does. (sometimes in surround sound)

And although my sister is hundreds of miles away this holiday season, I do have a “little sister” right here in Milwaukee who surprised me with the sweetest gift last week. As the “big sister” in our duo, I thought I was all set by bringing my mentee study treats for her final exams week.

Then she showed up with this.


A Do-It-Yourself-Gluten-Free Goodie Bag!

Obviously she has stopped by and done some reading. It was filled with some of my favorite snacks.

I get excited pretty easily. Especially when it comes to food. (this you may have gathered by all the pictures I take of my meals) And when someone goes out of their way to bring me treats that are safe? It is THE best feeling.

I know I’ve mentioned before how lucky I am to have supportive friends and family that take this gluten-free journey with me every single day. More now than ever, I feel blessed. And my support group keeps growing. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, little sister!)

How is your list coming, getting your shopping done? Or are you giving homemade gifts this year?

8 thoughts on “Gluten-free gift giving for the holidays ~ A DIY Goodie Bag

  1. Fun post! The song made me smile! I wish I could give you a big Christmas hug and then go sit and chat over gluten free snacks!
    Love you!

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