Gluten-free gift giving for the holidays ~ OXO Food Scale

Any time my family asks for Christmas ideas, it almost always involves food. Each year when it’s time to jot down a few ideas for the list, I can’t help but put down something I have been wanting for cooking or baking.

This year I need a new regular size muffin pan. There are a couple of cookbooks on my list too. I couldn’t help myself after reading Gluten Free Girl and the Chef’s post: 10 Best Cookbooks of 2010 (plus 2 more). If I didn’t already have their new book, it would be on my list too. You should consider putting it on yours. Or buying it for a friend. Gluten free or not, you’re going to love their book.

Thanks to Shauna and Danny, I started baking using a scale last year. And I haven’t looked back.

Using the scale makes my life easy. I just substitute 5 oz of gluten-free flours for each cup of all-purpose flour called for, when converting recipes. (another tip from Shauna) Gluten-free flours have different weights, so the cup for cup method doesn’t always work.

But that doesn’t mean I never use measuring cups for baking. When I’m using Elizabeth Barbone’s book, I do use them. She has all the gluten-free flours measured out by cups and her recipes work for me. (Add her book to your list too)

Next weekend, I am opening up my kitchen to some friends who are new to the gf-baking scene. We’re going to crank the Christmas tunes and make a mess. Do a little dancing. Sip some Crispin Cider. And use the scale to make some cookies. The camera will be out, look for that post before Christmas!

I have the OXO scale, (it was on my list last year) but any scale will work for you.

Just put some parchment paper down. Zero it out. And start piling on the flours. Simple.

Add it to the list!

Anyone else putting kitchen/baking gadgets on their list this year?

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