Gluten-free gift giving for the holidays ~ I Can Have That! Gluten-Free and Allergy Friendly Gift Baskets

Wondering what to give that gluten-free guy or gal for the holidays?

I have all kinds of ideas for you!

Between now and Christmas, I’ll be posting ideas to help out with your shopping. Make things a little easier for you.

My Christmas came a little early when a package arrived from I Can Have That! Gluten Free and Allergy Friendly Gift Baskets.

Two generous elves, Diane and Jane, sent me their Happy Holidays gift basket.

It was beautiful! Perfectly packaged and tied up with a bow. And full of gluten-free treats. Many of which I had never even seen before. (which will be shocking to many of you who know my snacking habits)

At this point, I got a little snap-happy with the camera.

Unwrapped and ready to dig in.

How cute is this? Little mini cacao nibs dunked in dark chocolate.

There were handfuls of these little cookies stuffed in the arrangement. Crisp. Flavorful. Paired perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Not only gluten-free, but no peanuts/tree nuts, milk or eggs either!

These were a big hit with the gluten eating crowd. Gone in no time. Rich caramel with vanilla. Gone.

Chocolate and mint are one of my all time favorite combos. And although I’m not usually reaching for the dark chocolate first, these were wonderful. Not sure where the deep forest mint comes from, but I like it! They come individually wrapped, so you can share if you’d like. Let them melt in your mouth.

And speaking of mint… my top pick of the whole basket. Peppermint taffy? Oh yes. And gluten-free. And all mine. The rest of the basket was shared with others, but these, these were for me. I would have taken an entire goodie basket of just these little taffy pieces.

I’ve been having them with coffee. But they are also a great after-eating mint. Or when you’re tired. Or bored. Watching a movie. Shopping. Waiting in line at the grocery store. At work. Ok, you get it. I heart them.

Not into sweets? No worries. There were other treats too.

Well, they don’t have to be eaten as sweets. But I chopped up these cranberries to use in my Chex Mix for Thanksgiving.

Never seen these before either. Where have I been? Gluten free and vegan.

Maybe with some smoked salmon? (not for the vegans)  Simple appetizer. People will think it’s super fancy.

Need a festive beverage to top things off? Mix one of these mulling spice packets with your apple cider, red wine, tea or brandy. Mmm… brandy.

I bet you all saw something you would like in here. And if you are coming to our next GF Get Together, you might just get to sample some of the items. That is, if I can practice some self-discipline and save some for that night. I think I can. But I can’t promise there will be taffy left.

People ask me all the time about places that send care packages or gift baskets. And now we have one. They have this convenient option on their website where you can ship now or later, so you can do all your shopping at one time and have them shipped out when you choose.

Plus, if you place an order by December 15th, you get FREE standard shipping to anywhere in the US. Just use coupon code “HOLIDAY2010” at checkout.

Stay tuned to see what’s added next to the gluten-free gift giving list.

Have you started your shopping yet? Or are you a wait-until-the-24th kind of shopper?

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