Gluten Free Bar – The GFB

It’s rare that you would find me without some kind of snack bar in my bag. Sometimes a Larabar. Or a Zing bar. (wish I had one right now) Lately, an Oskri fiber bar.

Easy to transport. No cooler or lunch bag required.

When Marshall from The Gluten Free Bar contacted me to see if he could send some samples to try, I was semi-hesitant at first.

I’ve tasted some not-so-good gluten free bars. I actually spent almost four dollars on one once at a mall in Denver. It said gluten free. I was about to take a flight home and needed a snack. There was chocolate involved in the ingredients.

They tricked me.

It was horrible. Went straight in the garbage. I can’t even remember what kind it was… but if I see it again, I’ll know.

Marshall seemed so enthusiastic though. He had a good pitch. Fellow Celiac from Chicago. Tired of those not-so-good protein bars. Came up with a bar that tastes good and has nutritional value.

This all sounded like what I have been looking for.

(the one pictured above is a tiny little sample size, regular ones are bigger!)

The GFB:

  • gluten free
  • dairy free
  • protein/omega-3
  • made in gf facility

If you are a peanut butter fan, you will dig these. Want chocolate too? They have that. Rich peanut butter flavor with a little crispie crunch in each bite. No preservatives and all natural ingredients. The ingredient list is short. Michael Pollan would be okay with these. (I met him recently… captivating speaker)

Satisfying. Ideal snack before or after a workout. Great flavor. I store them in the freezer and grab one out in the morning when I need it. Or keep them in the fridge and have them cold. Kind of like a dessert. But good for you.

Would you like some?

Head over to their website and place an order. You can use the code “celiacinthecity” and get free shipping!

Get some for you. Or send them to your GF friends and family as a surprise treat.




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