Toast It bags for gluten free travel

When I first went gluten-free and started researching, it seemed I was going to have to throw away everything in the kitchen. Cutting boards, pans, strainers and the toaster. I did end up getting rid of a cutting board, but the pots and pans stayed. Most of mine were not non-stick, so I felt comfortable still using them. The strainer had to go though. Too many tiny holes that gluten-filled pasta had passed through.

But the toaster? I thought for sure I could get that thing cleaned up.

Yeah. No.

I tried everything, but couldn’t seem to get those little, stuck on crumbs out of that thing. So I gave it to a gluten loving home and stuck with my toaster oven. (which is a great investment that I use almost daily)

But what about when you are out and about and want toast with your poached eggs? Or you are staying at a hotel and you brought your own bread, but the hotel toaster has had way too many bagels, English muffins and white bread slices take their turn in the slots.

Enter Toast It Bags.

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I take these with me any time I am going out of town. You can use them repeatedly, just wash between uses.

And you aren’t limited to just toasting bread. You can heat up pizza or a whole sandwich if you would like. (and if your toaster slots are wide enough)

Just remember to bring your pb&j with with you. Safe. No crumbs.

Or just throw in some of Gluten Free Girl and The Chef’s chocolate peanut butter brownies and make a sandwich out of those. No toasting required.

What about you… how do you travel safely-gluten free?

3 thoughts on “Toast It bags for gluten free travel

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  2. I love these toaster bags. I usually only take them when I’m staying in a unit where I can toast myself. That is the only time I get bread. I find living without bread is easier. But sometimes I really want a sandwich with bread.

    Great idea!

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