Eggs. A favorite gluten free breakfast. (or lunch. or dinner.)

Before being diagnosed with celiac, I wasn’t able to eat eggs. If they were cooked in something, like baked goods, I was fine, but cooking them up for breakfast was pretty much out of the question. Or, if I did decide to indulge, my stomach would be upset the rest of the day.

So I ate egg substitutes. And I was okay with that. For a while. But I got bored with them because you can really only make those into an omelet or scrambled eggs. And I wanted poached eggs, fried eggs, egg sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, and deviled eggs. The white. The yolk. The whole deal.

I had read that often people who have celiac disease are unable to tolerate eggs and/or dairy. But that after allowing your intestines to heal, there could be hope that your body would accept them again.

I got lucky.

My love for eggs doesn’t have to be limited to egg substitutes.

I can eat eggs any time I want now. (and I do, often.)

Poached eggs have always been a big time favorite for me. They are soft and delicate. I use Poachpods to make mine, but you can just poach them in a pot of water too.

They pair perfectly with so many different sides.

On my recent travels to Denver, I found out that I love hummus on toast. I stumbled upon this when I realized I couldn’t use their butter. (too many knives full of who-knows-what kind-of-bread-products had been in it) But I had fresh Udi’s bread. Not out of the freezer section. And it needed my attention. So hummus it was.

And it’s been making its way to my breakfast plate ever since.

What’s your go-to way to make eggs? Any other poached eggs fans out there?

10 thoughts on “Eggs. A favorite gluten free breakfast. (or lunch. or dinner.)

    • It was almost a year before I could eat eggs again. Started eating them on occasion. Now I can tolerate them any time and usually have them a few times a week. (it’s been 2 1/2 years now)

  1. I LOVE poached eggs. Love, love, love them. I love brunch at Palomino b/c all of their eggs are poached-like. Even if you get sunny side up, the bottoms don’t have that dried, brown, pan fry on them. I found a ‘poach’ suggestion in my Cooking Light magazine, and I think that may be how they cook them: you put a little bit of water in the pan, heat it up to simmer, crack the eggs in, add an ice cube or two, put a lid on and let em go!

    Don’t know if you can eat there or not (your sensitivity is higher than mine), but if you can, try some Palomino eggs! 😉

  2. Eggs are my favorite food! When I can’t think of anything for dinner I make eggs, on the weekends we have to have eggs! I absolutely love them. I think they are smooth and silky and I love with them rice as Stephanie said. I’m actually going to make Gluten Free Girl’s recipe for baked eggs tomorrow for breakfast (in the book!). The humble egg can be made and used in so many incredible ways, and it’s one food that never upsets my super sensitive tummy. Definitely another HUGE egg fan right here with ya! And I want my eggs, fried over easy, poached, baked with a semi-runny yolk, or my current favorite? Slow-scrambled over low heat! mmmmm! a savory custard on gf toast. It’s amazing!

    • I. want. eggs. now.

      Thrilled to have egg lovers among us! Doesn’t that recipe for baked eggs look ridiculously good? It’s at the top of my list. I am going to be cooking from the book for a long time. Can’t wait for Monday when we all share our stories!

      And slow-scrambled over low heat? New egg experiment for me! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Before my what turned out to be a massive dairy intolerance and subsequent gluten/wheat intolerance, I was the same way with eggs. If they were baked in something I was OK but I couldn’t just eat an egg. Now I am able to enjoy eggs again which makes me very happy! I love an over easy egg on rice, or eggs scrambled with a little fresh tomato and goat cheese. I can’t think of many ways that I don’t love eggs!

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