Back to school.

I have read countless status updates on Facebook about friends and family sending their kiddos off to school this week and last.

Browsed through first-day-of school pictures, with their new backpacks, shiny kicks and still-clean outfits. (unless you are my adorable nephew who pulled an “Auntie Sarah” and spilled before he left the house)

It could have been worse. You could have been his little brother who did not get to go to school. He will tell you “I’m going to school in the fall.” For him it is still summer. We confuse them when we say the fall. He’s thinking leaves changing colors and jackets in the morning. I’m not going to tell him it actually means next week.

But for me, it was back to “school” on Monday. Having a flexible summer schedule is one perk of working at a university. But it makes it that much harder to head back to a normal schedule.

I have taken full advantage of working less this summer. Making my own schedule. Not having to worry about packing a lunch every day.

When you are on a gluten free diet, it’s not as easy as sorting through the take-out menus in your desk drawer. It actually takes a little work to make lunch happen. Unless, of course, you are Gluten Free Mike living it up in NYC. His daily updates of where he is ordering lunch always make me a bit envious.

Sometimes you have to get creative. I am a big fan of a smorgasbord -style lunch. A little of everything. This may have become a habit because I often procrastinate buying groceries and end up with only a little of each thing left. Either way, it has worked out.

My Mamasita gave me this new lunch container as a back-to-school prize. She also showed up with coolers full of garden produce that she has been working on all summer. They all fit perfectly in my new little container. It’s as if my mom knew about my love for make-your-own-lunchables. (actually, I think everyone knows… it gets quite the laugh from my supervisor at work)

A couple of years ago, I found Built lunch totes. There was some sticker shock at first, but then I realized that my lunch bag is one of my most used accessories. I take it with me daily. And not just to work. It goes along on road trips, days at the lake house, bike rides, everywhere. The best $25 ever spent.

(you can even throw it in the washer and it will keep your Crispin Cider cold when you have to bring your own beverage to parties)

What are you guys packing into your lunch bags this fall?

2 thoughts on “Back to school.

  1. I had one of those lunch containers when I was a kid! I really should get one for my lunches now, because I end up packing a million little containers every day. I usually pack a salad, an apple or other fruit, maybe yogurt with raw oats, honey and raisins. My lunches are never very exciting but even though I could order takeout I am way too frugal to spend money on lunch out!

    • Sounds nice and healthy Alison! Great example. That I should follow more often. Trying to get back into the swing of healthy eating on a consistent basis. People would be amazed if they added up all the money spent on eating out for lunch!

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