Garden to table

Remember these tiny little seeds we planted many months ago?

It has been way too long since the last garden post. Here’s what has been growing on. (I had to. I can’t help myself sometimes.)

They are thriving.

We tried out this new technique with the tomato plants. Have any of you used this?

I think it must have worked. The tomatoes are out of control. (and delicious)

(you can see on the right that the tomatoes now fill those wooden frames)

And the kale. I didn’t even know I liked kale.

But there was so much of it. And most people make a funny face when you mention kale. Either because they are not exactly sure what it even is, or they have seen it and have no idea what you could even do with it. This can make it hard to give away.

I remembered reading about Gluten Free Girl and Chef’s Baked Kale Chips. They had to be good right?

They were. I have had the best luck with their recipes. They have a new cookbook coming out soon. Buy it. I already have mine pre-ordered on Amazon.

But there was still kale left. It was a nice addition to some gluten free pasta, beans, Andouille sausage and parmesan. Straight to the table from the garden.

It is amazing how much better things taste when you grow them yourself.

What are you guys growing this summer?

3 thoughts on “Garden to table

  1. My garden has given me spinach, leaf lettuce, mixed lettuce mix, arugula, and a few radishes. I am hoping that the swiss chard gets large enough to harvest before the frost comes which could be at any time. My beets and carrots really aren’t doing much of anything. I would be shocked in the green beans, snap peas and cucumbers are able to produce before the frost as well. I will get some cilantro and dill though just waiting for it to grow a bit more.

  2. Wow — what a great garden you’ve got going this year! I’d be curious about the new technique for growing tomatoes. We don’t have much space, so I’m not sure it would work for us — but it looks like it’s going great for you!

    This year, we’ve got tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, hot peppers (habanero, serrano, jalapeno), and leeks. Also the usual complement of herbs. Everything is growing like a weed! Including the weeds!

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