Talenti gelato and sorbetto (YES! It’s gluten free.)

The high temp is 86 degrees here in Milwaukee today.

In the morning, there is usually a cool breeze near the lake. If you have the windows open, it will cool the house for hours. But not today. When I just stepped outside, I could already feel the heat that is to come later today. Anyone have a pool I can come take a dip in today?

No pool?

No worries. There are other ways to stay cool when the temps rise this summer.

I would love to tell you that the new ice cream maker has been up and running. But it hasn’t. Not yet. Way too many things going on right now. But it will make an appearance soon.

Instead, you can grab some Talenti gelato or sorbetto from the store. It’s amazing. And almost all of their flavors are gluten free. (caramel cookie crunch is a no-go for us)

Thanks to Shelby at Talenti, I was able to try several of their flavors. That may or may not have been the period of time when my jeans stopped fitting right.

Hands down, my top pick was the Mediterranean Mint gelato.

It is rich and creamy with bits of bittersweet chocolate in each bite. Every time I opened the freezer I had to grab a bite or two. There is nothing that says you cannot enjoy this early in the morning. Or if you need a little afternoon snack. Or after dinner.

You get it. It’s that good.

A close second was the Caribbean Coconut gelato.

I’m a big fan of coconut. You remember how I raved in a post about my love for Coconut M&M’s don’t you? Come to think of it, those M&M’s would be perfect with this ice cream. (Shelby… I might need another delivery!)

Because I didn’t think of M&M’s at the time, I paired it with the Double Dark Chocolate gelato.

(the very-chocolatey flavor also goes perfect with the Tahitian Vanilla Bean gelato And the vanilla made delicious ice cream sandwiches when scooped between two Liz Lovely Triple Chocolate Mint cookies.)

You thought I was kidding about the jeans didn’t you?

Not everyone is a gelato fan. And although I find that hard to believe, it is nothing to worry about. They have sorbet too.

Like this Hill Country Peach Champagne sorbetto.

I wish I still had some of this left in the freezer. It was perfect on its own, but also went well with the Blood Orange sorbetto.

My new mission is to try the rest of the flavors this summer. It’s already 78 degrees and it’s not even 9:00.

I will probably start the mission today.

Are you a gelato or sorbet fan? What are your go-to GF treats to stay cool this summer?

5 thoughts on “Talenti gelato and sorbetto (YES! It’s gluten free.)

  1. Love your blog! I had the Talenti Double Dark Chocolate gelato today and it was beyond delicious. However, within 6 hours I had a gluten reaction after being strictly gluten-free for at least 2 weeks. I looked at the ingredients more closely and vermouth stood out to me.

    This is what I learned about vermouth on Wikipedia: Spirits made without any grain such as brandy, wine, mead, cider, sherry, port, rum, tequila and vermouth generally do not contain gluten, although some vineyards use a flour paste to caulk the oak barrels in which wine is aged, and other vineyards use gluten as a clarifying agent (though it’s unclear whether gluten remains at the end of the clarification process). Therefore, some coeliacs may wish to exercise caution. Liqueurs and pre-mixed drinks should be examined carefully for gluten-derived ingredients.

    I have e-mailed the Talenti company with my concern and am awaiting their reply. I’m hoping they’ll consider reformulating the flavor without the vermouth.

  2. Hi Sarah, we took our grandaughter to Taste of Afric in Port Washington, WI. on Saturday. What a great food experience for all of us. Walk into for a meal and you don’t need to worry about anything because it is all GF.Check out the web site if you haven’t seen or heard about them before Best wishes Bill & Ellen Hansen http://www.porttasteofafrica.com

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