A gluten free summer in the City

I cannot tell you how many times I have opened up this page to start a post in the last month.

A whole month has gone by without a peep from this girl. (Well I have been peeping a little on my Facebook page, if you aren’t already joining us, please do. I am always sharing little tidbits over there that don’t always make the site)

Sometimes life just happens. Not always the way you expect it to. Sometimes the way you thought you were headed is not where you end up. It’s been a busy month. Crazy busy. I wanted to be here with you guys, but I had to take a little time-out.

The problem with that is… now I don’t even know where to start. I have been taking pictures every chance I can. Knowing that someday soon I would be back here. Sharing them with you.

To ease back into things, I think I’ll just share a little of everything that has been going on. And I’ll never pull that leave-for-a-month trick again.

On food:

The nice folks at Canyon Bakehouse sent a bunch of products for me to try and then share at our last Gluten Free Get Together. This is their rosemary & thyme gluten free focaccia. It made the perfect flank steak sandwich with roasted red peppers and mozzarella.

At a recent birthday party, a sweet friend was kind enough to save me my own serving of bruschetta before it hit the regular bread. This focaccia worked wonderful for that. Or just toast it up and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Loving the cinnamon raisin bread too (toasted with honey) and the Mountain White bread makes soft sandwiches, no toasting required.

I had the most wonderful dining experience at Seven Seas in Delafield, WI.  It was a birthday party for my dear friend and she was so sweet to call her friends who own the restaurant to be sure I could eat a good meal. (not just a salad) Thanks to Mark at Seven Seas for being so accommodating. He even ordered Strongbow for the party. Lucky me! Our server was amazing and made me feel like I was the “special” one at the table. Delicious food and the best view. Go see them soon!

On fun:

Crispin Cider and Fox Barrel Cider have been the drinks of choice this summer. Family and friends have been converted.

Made two trips to Summerfest this year. In between seeing friends’ bands play, I volunteered some time. As a hotdog. Yep, that’s me on the right. It was over 90 degrees that day. Oy.

This sunset never gets old. Neither does time with my soul sista. Thanks to her, this view has been a big part of my summer.

On friends:

I am blessed to have friends who are healthy, happy and here. Remember how lucky we all are to be alive and well.

Cheers to amazing friends!

And cheers to YOU. I have missed you guys. Feels good to be back. What have you been doing with your summer?

4 thoughts on “A gluten free summer in the City

  1. Oh, gosh — it’s been a great summer already, hasn’t it? For one, we were able to meet YOU at the last GF get together. And sample all sorts of great GF products.

    Thanks to your recs, we were also able to successfully navigate a weekend with Paul’s brother, who is gluten intolerant. Thanks to the GF buns from Against the Grain, we all enjoyed burgers at our house… and a trip to Transfer for pizza!

    Oh — and you’ve totally made Crispin converts out of us too! We brought a cooler full to our July 4th festivities… and they were delicious. A little on the pricey side, though… any place you recommend buying them?

    • Peef and Lo: it was such a treat meeting you guys last month. I hope you can make it to EVERY GF Get Together! (speaking of which, I need to set a date, July is already half gone)

      SO happy you had a good weekend going GF. (again. you guys are pros.)

      We must meet up for a Crispin soon… they have it at a few new places in Milwaukee. Mike, my awesome friend from Crispin, is sending me a list of where to find it. Then we can compare prices! Will get it to you as soon as I get it!

      • Here is a work-in-progress list of where to find Crispin. I thought everyone could use it!

        The best prices in town are at both Discount Liquors, Whole Foods, Woodman’s and Rays Liquor. After that, most places are pretty close in price.

        We are on tap at:
        American Club, Kohler
        Sugar Maple, Bayview(in fact they have a limited edition on right now that you can’t find anywhere in a bottle)
        Lucille’s Rockin Pianos
        House of Guinness, Waukesha
        Uncle Mikes, Kenosha(two locations)
        Schooners, Port Washington
        Burlington Ale House
        Fox River Ale House, Kenosha
        Frank’s Pub, Kenosha
        Old Chicago, Green Bay
        Lion and Mane, Madison
        Maduro, Madison
        Sardine, Madison

        (I have also seen it at Sendiks)

        Have you found it anywhere else?

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