No meat? No problem. (more on the gluten free meatless week)

When I told friends and family I was doing a meatless week with some fellow food bloggers, their first question was, “WHY?”

Many found it hard to believe that I would willingly give up meat for any amount of time. (especially during cookout season in Wisconsin)

But I was determined to make it through the week.

And I did.

It was easier than I originally anticipated. The perfect opportunity to dig out my favorite quinoa recipe which I posted last week. And a chance to finally make the Asparagus Pizza with Summers Past Pesto from Peef and Lo over at Burp! Where Food Happens. You remember them… they were the champions of the Gluten Free Challenge a couple of weeks ago. Champs in my eyes. Read all about Peef and Lo’s successful gluten free weekend, if you haven’t already.

I have been saying since the day they posted it that I would convert it over to gluten free. The crust was the only thing that needed converting, the rest of the ingredients were good to go.

It was a cool morning with a light lake breeze. Not too hot for the oven to be at such a high temp. Because I didn’t have any frozen crusts on hand, I took a recommendation from a reliable member of my gf-team. I used Gluten Free Mommy’s recipe for homemade pizza crust.

It does seem like a long list of ingredients, but once you have been baking gluten free for a while, you just have these bags of Bob’s Red Mill flour hanging around.

I have to be honest with you. I was not a huge fan of this crust. It was beautiful when it came out of the oven and I was thrilled to see the golden brown color. But it had tapioca flour in it and I can’t seem to tolerate that flavor. (I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and taste) This has happened with other recipes too. It just gives them that “gluten free” flavor. For those who do eat gluten free, you might know what I mean.

It was fluffy in the middle and crispy on the edges, looked beautiful, it just wasn’t my favorite recipe. (but a gluten-eating taste tester thought it was great) Now I am on a mission to find a substitute flour that works for this recipe, then try it again.

Had a little fresh mozzarella in the fridge.

Although I would have been happy to, I did not eat pizza every day last week. This open-faced Caprese style sandwich is sort of pizza-like though, isn’t it?

When you have Udi’s gluten free bread on hand, it’s hard not to use it.

I ventured out to eat a couple of times during the week too. Gluten free and vegetarian at Stir Crazy in Brookfield. Several of their sauces can be made gluten free and their Market Bar is full of veggie toppings.

Do you have a favorite meatless dish? Leave a comment and tells us about it!

(and if any other gf-friends aren’t fans of tapioca flour, tell me that too, and what you substitute)

3 thoughts on “No meat? No problem. (more on the gluten free meatless week)

  1. Nice job on your meatless week! It isn’t so hard but you do have to focus on getting protein in other ways. I only eat meat when we go out to eat as it is hard to eat gf and veggie at restaurants, except for ethnic ones. But I know my body, personally, does need meat, and so I eat it; my husband is the vegetarian. We eat a lot of beans at our house. But we also enjoy tofu, which is often an acquired taste. I have quite a few meatless recipes over at my blog: Beyond Rice and Tofu. Check it out!
    Sorry I can’t help you on the tapioca flavor issue…I don’t seem to notice it, I guess.

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