Breakfast is served. (by the cutest chefs ever)

This is the story of two young chefs. Happy to make a mess help in the kitchen whenever possible.

When the “head chef” barks out orders, his sous chef and line chef happily respond, “yes, chef!”

They are 6 and 3 years old.

This is the breakfast they made for me early Saturday morning.

First, a lesson in measuring. (you don’t learn fractions in Kindergarten)

We used Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking/Pancake Mix

His first attempt to crack the egg was less successful. But don’t worry, he assured us, “I am really good at getting the shell pieces out.”

Measuring the water was a breeze.

He’s a pro by this point.

Monkey see. Monkey do. (we call him Monkey sometimes, or Monster, or CT, I see nothing wrong with 7 nicknames)

Now, the serious business begins.

Waiting for the bubbles can take a while. (and yes, the little guy on the right got flipped a little early, for the record, this was the head chef’s fault)

Much better. And Monkey gives it two thumbs up.

He was a big fan. Even though they’re “gwuten fwee”

I had to agree. Good stuff.

Then a sneaky little sous chef came out with a big surprise. Chocolate chips for batch #2.

He was so proud of himself. I was proud of him too. And then this happened…

He didn’t even give them the order.

Do you make your pancakes from scratch? Or do you use a mix? We also love to add wild blueberries when we are up north. What is your favorite add in?

3 thoughts on “Breakfast is served. (by the cutest chefs ever)

  1. Adorable!!… and I say it again: ADORABLE! 🙂

    Pancakes are a favorite on weekends at our house. Lately, our favorite is banana pancakes with pecans… topped with bananas and more pecans!

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