A Be-Udiful day. Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Foods

Have you tried any products from Udi’s Gluten Free Foods yet?

Well, you should.

I had been hearing about Udi’s for months. It was the buzz of every forum, blog, tweet around. I needed to get my hands on their products to see what all the talk was about. Heather from Udi’s GF Foods was ever so generous by sending some goodies for me to try and share with our GF Get-Together Group.

I got to work “researching” right away.

I have a little test for gluten free breads and pizza. Can I eat them cold? If YES, they pass the test. Udi’s passed with flying colors. No need to toast or even heat this bread. This was straight out of the bag. You can see from the picture how nice and fluffy it is.

I usually have to store my bread in the freezer because I can’t eat it fast enough. This bread never made it to the freezer. There were too many good options for it.

Like a grilled cheese.

Or a Cuban sandwich. (this was my favorite)

It tasted “normal.” And for those of you who have spent wasted money on frozen, tastes-like-cardboard-even-when-toasted bread, you understand how great this is.

The muffins were just as good.

Again, no need to heat it up. Right out of the package. Soft, moist, delicious.

And the pizza… let’s just say I burned my mouth at least three times that day. I couldn’t wait. It was THAT good.

It was thin and crispy, especially around the edges. I started using a new baking stone, get one if you don’t already have one.

We went simple just sauce and cheese with a little Penzeys pizza seasoning. (we didn’t have any other toppings around and quite honestly, I couldn’t wait)

This is what was left after about 10 minutes.

I recently found Udi’s bread at Beans and Barley here in Milwaukee. Hoping to get it in more stores in the area. Leave a comment if you have found it elsewhere, or if you have tried their products and just want to rave about them.

8 thoughts on “A Be-Udiful day. Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free Foods

  1. Udi’s rocks – seriously they kick ass over everything else I’ve tried. I live in BC, and it seems like everyone brings in the same old freezer burned crap that tasted horrible and fell to pieces. (I’m talking to you, Glutino bread!) It’s the standard I judge all others by.

    I haven’t tried their pizza crust yet. Truthfully, I haven’t found anywhere local to get it. But I’ve just returned from two weeks in AZ, and am a new convert to Picazzo’s Pizza… so I think I’ll wait until the memory of that delish experience fades before I try Udi’s. It can’t possibly be as good…

    • Udi’s makes my life a little easier. Their pizza crust is my favorite (other than homemade) and I use them all the time. They are perfect for when you are going to an event where they are having pizza, just make yourself a little Udi’s crust and you are all set. If you have a baking stone, make them it on that. Oooh, Picazzo’s sounds wonderful, will have to keep that in mind!

  2. I think I am in Heaven. YUMMMMM I had a Blueberry Muffin for Breakfast and a PB& J for lunch and I think I could have kept eating until I passed out from a Carb overload! Sarah, please pass on to Udi’s “Thank you” for sharing their product. I had the muffins and the bread and I am very excited to find and try the pizza.

    I also shared my treats with my mom who normally does not like much GF bread and she sent me on a mission on Sunday to find a place that carried it. (Which I found at Sendicks on North). Thanks again!

  3. I just commented on Jen & Sugar & Spice’s blog – your post is making me drool! I need to get my hands on this bread!

    Cute blog!

    • Thanks for stopping by Allison, you DO need to try some Udi’s. And soon. I am going to pick some up for my sister (who lives in South Dakota) for her to try this weekend. Spread the Be-Udiful love!

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