Gluten Free Get-Together III

This Thursday, April 8th, is our next GF Get-Together. We’ll be hanging out at Stack’d Burger Bar in Milwaukee.

You should come. If you missed my post on Stack’d, you can read it here. There are some burger places out there, but with a bun? It’s rare. Throw in beer and fries? Done deal. See you there.

You can view the invite on Facebook , RSVP here in the comments section, or just shoot me an email under the “Who is Celiac in the City?” tab.

It will be a good time had by all.

Last month, we met up at P.F. Chang’s for our GF Get-Together. They had recently launched their new gf  menu, and we wanted to be part of it. Here is what you missed:

Lettuce wraps

Chang’s Spicy Chicken

Hong Kong Beef with Snow Peas

Flourless Chocolate Dome

Have a suggestion for a future GF Get-Together restaurant or event? Leave a comment and let me know!

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