Will travel. Gluten free in Denver.

For several years, I have been traveling to Denver at least once a year. Not only does a dear friend of mine live out there, but I have family there as well. My first trip to the fine state of Colorado was in 8th grade, for a band trip. (I was an alto sax girl)

I have loved it there ever since.

And now, being gluten free, and finding out what a gf friendly city it is? More visits are in order.

My most recent trip was a jam-packed weekend of family, friends and big fun! (Isn’t is amazing how much more you can do when you aren’t out downtown until the wee hours of the morning?) This time, Mel-Sarah Fest was a little more low key. You see, my BFF is having a baby. I could not be more happy for them!

I still had the most amazing time. She researched some new restaurants to try, ALL offering gluten free options. She’s a gem like that.

Want to see what she picked out?

First stop, within an hour of landing, Snooze. A cozy little place, packed with hungry folks, who were willing to wait in line over an hour for their turn to enjoy this goodness.

Many had raved about the pancakes, so I had to give them a try. We have done pancakes at home, but this was my first dining-out pancake experience since being gluten free.

I couldn’t decide on just one. I had to go for the Pancake Flight. (3 of your choice) Almost all of their pancakes could be done gf. I went for the Pineapple Upside Down, Reese’s and a basic Buttermilk. I think there was actually a requirement of some sort to order bacon as well.

Light. Fluffy. Just how pancakes should be. (I would be lying of I told you they were just like the regular ones… mine were a little smaller, a bit less rise to them, but this did not matter.)They were perfect.

Next up ~ Duo, in the Highland area of Denver. (they even had a separate gf menu)

Although we had a bit of a rough start, (their gf menu needed some updating to reflect new salads) I did get a tasty on-the-fly, fresh greens salad.

I am not a fan of lamb, was not feeling like fish. This steak was calling my name from the menu. It was full of flavor, tender and made the perfect breakfast for a certain someone the next morning. (you are very welcome)

With our tummies full, we thought there was no better place to sit and relax than a Mammoth Lacrosse game. Hilarious.

Day two was just as food, I mean fun, filled.

Started the day off right with some veggies at Mad Greens. I went for the Dionysos, right off the regular menu, where they tell you which dressings are gf. Added a little grilled chicken. Fresh. (except the tomatoes, which I know are not in season and were as crunchy as the cucumbers)

A quick trip to Red Rocks before dinner with the fam. I think when Little Bee arrives this summer, Mama Bee and I will have to catch a show here.

Last time, I fell in love with Beau Jo’s pizza. This time I had to try a new pizza place.

Lala’s , where the gluten free menu is just as long as the regular menu. My uncle has Celiac too, so it worked out well for both of us.

We went with the Margherita Classica and Nonna’s pizza. Both delish. The housemade, spicy Italian sausage had just the right amount off kick, the perfect balance for the sweet peppadew peppers.

Not sure whose Nonna made this pizza, but I like it.

A classic.

The leftovers made the perfect plane-ride snack.

Before taking off, an afternoon at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

My best friend. From Day 1 of college. We have been through it all, and then some. Even though there are many miles between us, we have an amazing bond. She is going to be such a great Mama.

Do you have any Denver faves?

5 thoughts on “Will travel. Gluten free in Denver.

  1. SA, you are such a great friend! I just love you to pieces!! I am so glad that you enjoyed your food expeiences in Denver – Robb and I had a blast trying new food and showing you to some of our (GF – who knew?!) favs!!!

    Can’t wait for your summer trip – more fun times to come and this time, with a little bee in tow… 😉

  2. It all looks and sounds great!! I love Beau Jo’s too!! I had some last Saturday on our way back to the airport.

    Not Denver so much but out in Edwards, on I-70 in ski country, the Gore Range Brewery has a GF menu. I ate successfully there a week ago. Also, in Breckenridge, Breck Brewery has an awesome gf menu! I had a burger on a bun at a restaurant for the first time in 15 years! What a treat! Who would have thought?

    I don’t know if either brewery had gf beer as I don’t care for it, gf or not. We were there for my husband and his beer needs.

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