Ready. Set. Grow.

When we were little, we used to help Grandma and Grandpa in the garden every year. I couldn’t even wait to wash the green beans before eating them right off the plant. (I still do this.) It was no different with the tomatoes or the strawberries.

Weeding was fun. Dirt, our friend.

I knew all the vegetables in the garden. And I liked them all. And still do. Because I was exposed to them early on and took part in the growing process. I grew my own green beans. It was a big deal.

When we started seedlings for the garden the other day, I had that same giddy feeling. This year, we really wanted the kiddos to be involved. To have their very own vegetable out in the garden. Would you believe broccoli was a top choice?

The soil had to be just the right mixture. A top notch crew was on hand to help with the mixing.

Push. Pull. Push. Pull.

Who knew it would take one uncle, two nieces and a curious beagle to get this done right?

Let’s test it out. Is it wet enough?

Maybe a little more water.

Yep. It’s ready now. (she’s an expert, I’m trusting her on this one)

We shaped the bin of dirt into perfect little square “homes” for the seeds. Luckily, we had a handy little tool that molded the dirt for us. It even pushed a little hole in the top for our seeds.

Step 1 – Get your seed. (of course the broccoli seeds had to be small!)

Step 2 – Make sure you still have it.

(repeat Step 1)

Step 3 – Carefully place it into the small hole.

Step 4 – Make sure you made it in.

Step 5 – Carefully cover up the seeds. (“nice and soft, nice and soft”)

Step 6 – Wait.

I might have just as hard of a time with Step 6 as the little ones.

Check back to watch our garden grow.

Just some of the things you will see:

  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Celery
  • Cauliflower
  • Sage, chives, oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, dill
  • Rainbow chard
  • Kale
  • Eggplant
  • All kinds of squash
  • MANY more… visit often to see what’s coming up!

What are you guys putting in your gardens this year?

6 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Grow.

  1. I do this with my boys too and I just love it. They love watching the seedlings grow bigger and bigger each day as they rest on the windowsill waiting for the ground to warm enough to be planted outside.
    Good for you. I can’t wait to eat peas off the vine too!

    • Hi Stephanie!

      I am sure they can cater to your GF/CF needs at Duo. (and you can see the chef from the dining room!) Mad Greens is a make your own salad place, you would just have to check the dressings. Snooze was very flexible, I’m sure you could find something there. Lala’s too!

  2. fun!! I am usually doing that by now too, but since we are moving in June, I haven’t done it, but I really miss it. I usually get my tomatoes started indoors, I miss them so much. They are the best to eat straight off the plant, and the sugar snap peas! I can’t wait to get a garden started in our new place. I look forward to see your developing plants!!

  3. How wonderful! Gardening is the perfect activity for little ones. You’re teaching them a lifetime skill. 🙂 No garden here though … we live in the woods. Not enough sun for houseplants even. We do have one flower bed.


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