Restaurant Shout Out: Stack’d Burger Bar

I have something to tell you guys.

I’m addicted to french fries.

There I put it out there. Try not to judge me. I can’t help myself. I have been a fan of fries since I was little and we were making potato wedge fries in the oven. These days, I don’t discriminate. I’ll take regular fries, sweet potato fries, tater tots, homemade or right out of the bag from Ore Ida. (this only happens when we’re up north people, I’m not busting out the frozen fries every day) *and check the list if you do buy Ore Ida, they are not all gf *

Fries used to be a treat when we dined out. Not anymore. It is very rare that I am able to have fries at a restaurant.

Until now.

I turn your attention now to my favorite new place in Milwaukee.

Stack’d Burger Bar.

This place has been the buzz for a while. I have gotten numerous emails lately from friends who went in to check it out and found out they just so happen to have gluten free options.

And as you know from previous posts, eating is for research. I had to to this for you. (and me)

As soon as we arrived, a very energetic server approached our table asking what we would like to drink. I knew what I wanted before we got there. I heard they had Lakefront New Grist. A no-brainer.

After briefly mentioning being on a gluten free diet, Derek (awesome server) said, “Oh, perfect, I know a lot about the gluten free options, just let me know if you have any questions. And I’ll have them turn the fryer on for you.”

That was music to my Celiac ears, he gets it and… wait, did he say the FRYER?

I had to clarify.

Yep. The fryer. For gluten free fries. (this part I did not know about) And it’s not only a separate fryer, but it was in another room. On a different floor.

To put it mildly, I was thrilled. My dining partner, the same supportive-always-brings-me-treats-and-scopes-out-new-gf-goodness friend I have mentioned before, can verify my excitement. Not only was I having a beer, but my burger (on a gf bun) and fries would be arriving to our table soon.

What did I have?

I went for the Build-Your-Own Stack’d Burger

  1. Gluten free roll (soft, toasted lightly, delicious)
  2. Wisconsin grass-fed beef
  3. Wisconsin cheddar
  4. Lettuce, tomato, pickle

(with fresh cut fries)

You might be thinking it seems a little basic. Not at all.

No, I couldn’t fit the whole thing in my mouth. Not to worry. I cut it in half and made it work.

And the fries… perfect!

And word on the street is that they are going to be adding a hard cider to their lengthy beverage menu. My only suggestion would be to call ahead if know you are headed there. That way they can turn on the fryer early. My fries took a bit longer.

But worth the wait.

I think we have a new place for our next Gluten Free Get-Together on April 8th!

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Shout Out: Stack’d Burger Bar

  1. Yay! Another great place with great food. Who can complain about that?!?! I am so thrilled for you and for all who require gluten free options. Another place we can go share a meal if we choose. As always I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for more places with GF options. Hoping I can join you on April 8th if my schedule allows. 🙂

    • Nicole is another one of my always-on-the-look friends. Texting me all the time with new found gf goodies, classes being held, or restaurants with options for me. We survived San Fran gf style together!

      THANKS Nicole!

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