This is what two years of gluten free goodness looks like…

A couple of weeks ago was my two year anniversary of being gluten free! Guess what I did to celebrate?


To be honest, life happened. I knew it was coming up, but realized it after the day had already passed. Truth be told, my dinners are often the kind that people would normally have as a celebration dinner. We aren’t fancy people, we just love to cook.
But I had to do something. So I made a little something for all of you.

Yes. My anniversary = a gift for YOU.  (nice how that worked out)

I owe you guys. Big time.

My support system reaches far and wide and includes some amazing people. The kind of people who email me to fill me in on the latest restaurant in Milwaukee to add gf options to the menu. Or others who text me the second they hear about a gf cooking class or see a new gf product at the store. (sometimes with pictures) Some who convert their family recipes so I can try them. Many who bring the labels, or the whole container with them, just so I can read the ingredients. They all make this do-able. I never have to miss out. They won’t let me.

I am one grateful girl.

Here’s to another year full of new friends, great food, and someone finding THE recipe for pizza crust.

Before you go… here is a look at the last two years of my adventure. Photos of some of my favorite meals both in restaurants and from our kitchen. And a little glance at one of our raised beds from the “community garden” we cannot wait to start again soon!

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