Coconut M&M’s ~ YES! They’re gluten free!

**Update 2.22.12: just received a comment from a reader that she bought a bag of coconut M&Ms that say, “may contain wheat.” It’s a sad, sad day. (first the mint M&Ms, now the coconut… the pretzel M&Ms are ruining our lives!) 😦

On Saturday, I received the greatest little package in the mail from Kim over at Gluten Free is Life . You see, we share a common bond. No, not just being gluten free. Or loving to bake and cook. Or spending plenty of time on Twitter, Facebook or our websites.

We are big fans of Coconut M&M’s. (and you will be too)

So when my package arrived with not one, but two packages of them, I was delighted! The milk chocolate pieces with smooth coconut flavor have become a favorite of mine. I think if you mixed them up with some almonds, they would make the best little snack mix.

I know it has been a while since I posted a “YES! It’s gluten free!” item, but this was worth the wait. (And no, you do not have to be concerned that half of these posts are now candy. I have it under control.)

And when you find them, come back and tell us where they were. They have gone missing from my local Walgreens, hence the package that saved me.

From the M&M’s site:

Photo of Coconut M&M'S® candies

List of MARS products that do not contain gluten (as of 3/1/10)

  • ALL M&M’s products

**UPDATE: as of December 2010, some of the holiday M&M’s may contain wheat due to being run on the same lines as their pretzel M&M’s. the mint M&M’s now have a wheat warning. be sure to check the package each time!

  • All Milky Way products EXCEPT the Milky Way bar
  • Snickers and Snickers Dark bars
  • All Dove chocolate products (I heart Dove)
  • Munch bar

*Remember to ALWAYS read labels. As goes with everything on my site, it is only a guide and I am sharing from my experience*

12 thoughts on “Coconut M&M’s ~ YES! They’re gluten free!

  1. I just contacted the company about the M&M’s. Only about 1/2 the bags say they have wheat. They are made in different factories and therefore some have the risk of cross contamination. They basically told me that I have to check each individual bag (even if purchased out of the same box) to see if they have wheat. I am trying to get the word out because this could cause a problem as it did for me. I know, total BUMMER!!! But at least you can still have them, just have to check each bag first.

  2. Hi! My local Frys store (Phoenix, AZ) carries them.. But how can their list say all m&ms are gf if those pretzel ones clearly couldn’t be.

  3. Our local Walmart has had them for quite some time now….. I bought umm… *shhh*….. 10 little packages the last time I was there! LOL

    VERY YUMMY even for the non-celiacs/gluten intolerants amongst us! (i’m not gluten free …. :))

  4. So glad that you enjoyed the package!! I found those at Blockbuster & bought the last 3 packages! LOL! However, the other location I frequent had plenty in stock.


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