Good food ends with good talk. ~Geoffrey Neighbor

If you have been reading, you know, I love food.

Food is life.

And we love to talk about it. All the time. I am sure it gets old for some people, but not this girl.

Just recently I got into an in-depth conversation with a friend about eggs. Poaching. Using poach pods or just in water?  Hard boiled. Over-easy. Then that led to a discussion on tomatoes. Which ran into the topic of baking stones. Then salt. I could have sat there all day talking about food and gadgets.

Luckily I have food-friends. Otherwise I would be making people crazy with all this talk.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of dining and talking food for hours with some dear friends. We had talked about it for months and finally set a date. There was never a worry that the meal would be gluten free. They had already experienced hosting gluten free friends in the past. Pros really.

As we entered the kitchen, the aromas that welcomed me were amazing. And then I saw it. The menu.

I knew it was going to be a food-coma kind of night. And that was the short menu really, it didn’t mention that the avocados were topped with shallots and drizzled with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Or that the pesto was not pureed, but coarsely chopped with dark toasted pine nuts, full of flavor. Perfect on top of  Blue Diamond Nut-Thin crackers. (they eat these all the time, not just for me, they actually like them) 🙂

The artichokes were topped with spices then peeled away and dipped into a Hollandaise sauce, you know, the kind made right there in front of me on the island, in the kitchen. Simple really.

And those were just the appetizers. Did I mention they had Bard’s beer for me? It was truly a perfect night. No lengthy discussions about me being gluten free or what I miss out on. Just food. And friends.

Our chicken. Spinning by the fire.

It makes my heart sing looking at these pictures now. It was perfect. And I found out I DO like brussel sprouts.

We sat around that table for hours. Talking food. Life. Laughing. Plenty of wine.

Life is good.

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