Product Review: Custom Choice Cereal (YAHOO) and GIVEAWAY!

Remember when we were younger and all kinds of cool cats had their pictures posted on the Wheaties boxes? I always envied them. Those champions. I was never actually a fan of the cereal, but anticipated the next lucky champ who made the box.

This week a special prize showed up at my door. My new pal Hajo, from Custom Choice Cereal, sent me my very own cereal blend to review. (ok, so it doesn’t have my picture, but having my website on the front is just as wonderful to me)

Their user-friendly website makes it easy to select a blend that is perfect for you.

  • Pick your base cereal
  • Add dried fruits (11 to choose from)
  • Finish your blend with Nut & Seeds  (9 total, including coconut)
  • Have it shipped to your front door, with a name of your choice.

My “Celiac in the City” mix included:

  • Corn Flakes
  • Goji berries – I had never had these before, subtle flavor.
  • Dried apricots – My favorite part! Chewy, not break-your-teeth-hard like other cereals.
  • Almonds – Slivers of them, adding a nice nutty flavor and crunch.

I topped it with just a touch of honey.

Next time, I think I will be more adventurous. Coconut for sure, more dried fruit, pumpkin seeds perhaps. What will you add to your mix?

Go see the good things happening over at Custom Choice Cereal. Then LEAVE A COMMENT here by MONDAY at 12:00pm CST and I will pick one lucky person (at random) to receive their very own cereal blend from Custom Choice Cereal! Become a fan on Facebook too!

9 thoughts on “Product Review: Custom Choice Cereal (YAHOO) and GIVEAWAY!

    • THANK YOU to all of you for leaving comments to get in the drawing.

      CONGRATS to Anne who was our winner! (thanks to my ever-so-neutral office mate for doing the drawing!)

      And no worries… I have had a few other companies contact me recently to send products to try out and share with all of you, stop back soon!!!

  1. Sarah, I checked it out and order a little mix myself. As, I have always like a lot of the gf cereal. I loved “seeing” you on the bag, you are a real breakfast of champion in my book. 🙂

  2. My daddy can always use new and exciting gluten free foods!! He eat cereal every single morning, so a little change might be nice!!

  3. This cereal looks so good! I am a huge fan of any cereal with raisins in it. Having with dried fruit and a little granola sounds delicious!

  4. Oh yum! I have wanted to try them for a few months now! Even if I just get a simple GF version of raisin bran, I’d be on cloud 9! 🙂 I LOVE cereal and can’t wait to put some fun concoctions together!

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