Mmm…dessert (another use for gf graham crackers)

We made lasagna on Sunday and were trying to come up with a use for the extra ricotta cheese.

I think we found it.

With a little help from Jacques Pepin and my leftover gf graham crackers from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef, life was good.  Jacques gives some ideas for “quick dishes” at the beginning of the book. This was our take on the “Ricotta honey mix.”

Simple really.

Gluten free graham cracker (I threw them back in the oven to crisp up a bit) topped with a scoop of ricotta, a honey drizzle and topped with dried apricots and figs.

Not too sweet. Just what my taste buds needed.

Best of luck to Shauna and Danny as their book makes its way through the final process! Cannot wait to see the finished product in the fall.  (sending healing vibes to Little Bean)

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