How it all began…

My sister has an amazing memory. She can come up with stories from when we were young that I have long forgotten. There is still no proof that I put her in the deep freeze for a few minutes at one point. (If there is a record, this is for it…I was sure to bundle her up in winter gear first… so she says.)

She has countless other talents as well:

  • Super Mom
  • Making me laugh. (the kind of laugh where you struggle for another breath and try not to pee)
  • Organizing. (let’s just say my nephews tell ME where things go when we clean up)

She’s quick on the computer too. We share the love of “Googling,” which is actually how we diagnosed ourselves with Celiac Disease. She did most of the work. Told me she thought I had it too. Then it was my turn to Google. Before I even went to my doctor, I had equipped myself with more knowledge than he would have about the disease. Sad, I know.

And once I was diagnosed via endoscopy, I was glued to my computer for hours a day, seeking out the best food options, safe/unsafe foods, recipes, etc.

One of my favorite sites in the beginning was Gluten Free Girl from Shauna James Ahern. It is still at the top of my list. It now includes The Chef too, her so-creative and talented husband. Her writing is witty and heart warming. She puts a smile on my face each time a story of “Little Bean” makes the page.

She is grounded and down to earth. I feel like I have known her for the last two years. Taking a peek into her life, in small doses, each week on her page. I even had the honor of testing some recipes for one of her new cookbooks. Her first book has already been posted here on my book list. Read it. Even if you aren’t living gf, she will win you over.

I trust their recipes. They have not failed me yet. I made her Minestrone a couple of weeks ago. My mom will tell you, it was great soup.

Then, in the last few weeks, Shauna has been talking about graham crackers. My ears perked up. Oh, how I’ve missed them so. There are a couple of gf options out there, but they are more cookie-like. Too sweet for me. I was on a mission. I printed the recipe out the day it was posted and made them this morning. I heart them.

Do yourself a favor. Visit her site.

Make her recipe for graham crackers.

2 thoughts on “How it all began…

  1. The first blog I ever read was Gluten Free Girl! Her book inspired me so much and taught me to look at food & gluten intolerance in an entirely different light. I recommend it to everyone even those who eat gluten because her story and little anecdotes are so fun to read. Completely life-changing book! I love seeing those pictures of Little Bean growing up too. The way Shauna writes is so calming. Never had a recipe fail me either… still need to make those graham crackers! Great post! 😉

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