Product Review: Bhuja Cracker Mix

Road trip to meet in the middle with my Mamasita tomorrow. Snacks are a must.

There will be the usual Glutino pretzels, apple, and cheese. But tomorrow a new snack is coming along in my bag. Bhuja cracker mix. And it’s all mine. (and if there is any left, I’d be happy to share it with my mom)

Keep your fingers crossed that I miss the freezing rain in the forecast. Cold + wet = my least favorite driving conditions. Throw the slick factor into it… could be a long trip. But well worth it.

I have seen these at Festival Foods and they recently popped up at Whole Foods. Good Harvest Market is carrying them too. I’m a fan of the cracker mix (green bag) and the original mix (red bag, with a kick of spice!) Crunchy. Salty. With the surprise of raisins and peas for a sweet balance.

Do you have a favorite gf snack for road trips?

Do tell.

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