Product Review: Kettle Cuisine Soup (YAHOO!)

Last week was my first week back after break. Monday was tough. I won’t lie. We have this nice extended vaca that starts a few days before Christmas and takes us right into 2010 without seeing the campus once.

We had eaten most of our left overs during the weekend. I had no ambition to cook on Sunday night.

Soup. In the freezer. The ones I bought at Outpost for days like these.

I was impressed. Although the bowls were a bit small, I was satisfied with the serving and piece of french bread. (from Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery of course)

Kettle Cuisine Soup

Yep. Two pictures. Two reviews. I didn’t feel like packing lunch on Tuesday either.

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Kettle Cuisine Soup (YAHOO!)

    • I had a nice taste up there too, good stuff. I prefer to make our own, but perfect when you’re on the go. It stayed frozen in the fridge all morning too, so no requirement of a freezer at work. (or if you’re in Wisco and traveling, just have on in the trunk, plenty chilly in there!)

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