Product Review: Lara Bars. YAHOO!

While you’re rushing around humming holiday tunes, (I cannot get the “I Want a hippopotamus for Christmas” song out of my head!!) shopping for the final gifts on your list, be sure to plan ahead and stash some Lara Bars in your bag.

Trust me. You are going to  get hungry. It can take forever to find an outfit for a 15 year old niece. Or the LEGO set for a very specific nephew. Whether you head out with the crowds to the mall, or spend hours at your computer tonight finishing the wish list gifts, you are going to want a snack.

Try these.                   

But be warned, I am not YAHOO’ing every flavor. My faves are cherry and apple pie. Eat at your own risk with the others. I would have to give a YUCK to chocolate coconut and pecan pie. And I need a another taste test on the key lime pie and the lemon ones. Have had them both, can’t remember which I did like and which one is now on the YUCK list.

PS~ It’s Free Shipping Day, check it out!

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