When the weather outside is frightful…

When the temps are in the single digits in the morning, I dread going out to the little Civ to start her up. She’s not so happy about it either. So unhappy in fact that she has decided to freeze up the locks from time to time this week. It takes at least the commute to UWM to get the auto locks working. Keyless entry? Forget it. It’s on a time out. We are manually unlocking her. Sounds crazy for those with sweet SUV’s with seat warmers. My sister and Mel are the lucky ones this week. Be thankful for those toasty little warmers!

So when the temps dip low, I head to the cupboard for some warmth. Tea time. I just found a new blend this winter that I had to share with you. It’s The Republic of Tea’s Comfort and Joy Tea- Holiday Spice Blend.

     And YES! It’s gluten free!

     “The Republic of Tea is the first tea company with permission to include the Gluten-Free Certification Organization’s certification mark on its signature packaging. Citizens can identify the mark on the label and sip with confidence, knowing the tea is gluten free.”

   Take the time to treat yourself to this holiday tea, or any of their teas. Do YOU have a favorite Republic of Tea blend/flavor?

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