General Mills GF List

There are plenty of companies out there selling gluten free products. Some are delish. Some not so good. Sadly, I wasted a-lot-o-cash when I first started out on this adventure. I figured GF on the package meant good stuff. Not so much. You have to pick and choose. Find the good ones and stick with them.

I would try anything back then. Pay over $7 for a tiny little pizza that had to be doctored up so much it was basically a whole new pizza. Pick out one of every Lara bar flavor (not knowing I would end up hating most of them). Play the sucker who thought gf bread in the freezer section was worth a toasting. It goes on and on. Then we (my sister and I) started catching on. Many of the items we were buying ended up in the garbage. So we started communicating BEFORE  purchasing. Who knew?

It was not uncommon to get a text or two a day asking about products. And I would (and still) do the same. I would be running around campus and get a picture mail from a grocery store in South Dakota. “Have you tried these?” Below the message was a picture of the lastest gf item to hit her store shelves. Or I would be reading my way down the aisle and text her “Are these good?” with a picture of some teff tortilla type wraps. To which she replied, “Yuck, didn’t like those at all.” They went back on the shelf.

Some of the mainstream companies are finally catching on. Like General Mills . Thanks to them, we can enjoy “puppy chow” again! And Chex cereals are just some of the products that are now gluten free. They have a website dedicated to all the items. Go see for yourself.

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