One lucky birthday girl…

After the roller coaster week we had, a trip up north seemed like the perfect way to spend my birthday. It would have been hard to top last year’s Dirty 30 festivities anyway. So we made the three hour trek to the cottage for a little getaway. Just walking into that open kitchen is an invite to start cooking. Most of our time is spent around the island or a stool pulled up to the counter. Whether it’s just the two of us, or a group of 25, we tend to congregate there.

We recently welcomed a new nephew to the family. His daddy has Celiac too. While I was away on a work trip, Mark whipped up some lasagna for their family to dig into between trips to the hospital and settling in at home. I’ve never been so jealous. I had not had lasagna yet, since being diagnosed in February 2008. I had been craving it. Even bought the noodles, Tinkyada, but they were still sitting in the cupboard. (until Mark used them for Tom’s lasagna) It was a big hit at their house, even the gluten-loving little kiddos loved it! The jealousy faded. It had made Tom’s day AND I knew it would be reappearing on our menu in the near future.

What better time than for a birthday dinner?


I burned my mouth at least three times waiting for it to cool off enough to eat it.


My gluten free peeps will get it. Hard to describe. When the first bite makes you sigh. (or nearly cry) To find an amazing subsitute for one of your previous fave foods. And for it to be JUST as good, if not better than you remembered it.

I had a hard time deciding on sides for the meal. I didn’t see the problem with just eating lasagna by itself, until my tummy was full enough to require being rolled away from the table. We went simple. Birthday dinners = no counting calories, or even thinking about them.

Simple Caesar. And a trial run on Chebe breadsticks. I added a few tablespoons of shredded parmesan, which I felt gave them a bit of a cheese cracker taste. There was a recipe for crackers on the bag. Next time maybe.





And to top off this uber healthy meal… COOKIES! Mmm…

I prefer to use a more homemade approach, but we keep these mixes on hand up north. There must be some other celiacs lurking in the northwoods. The local grocery story carries an abundance of gf options, so I stock up, to support the cause, and keep the shelves being stocked. These cookies require a lot of butter, but are easy to make. Only soft right out of the oven, they take on a light, crispy texture after a few hours. Perfect if you are in a rush, just starting out on the gf-journey, or if friends want to bake something for you.

I guess birthday’s aren’t so bad.

5 thoughts on “One lucky birthday girl…

  1. Happy birthday! Bet that gluten-free lasagne just made your day (I know that it would have for me!). It’s so great how many products they have on the market now for GF cooking.

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