Game day comfort food

As the text messages started rolling in today to set a place to meet up for the big Packers/Vikings show down, I was content knowing we had our own plans. Born in Illinois, raised in Minnesota, and living my adult life in Wisconsin, you can imagine my conflict with sports teams. For the most part, I can survive Sunday game days with no teasing text messages from my sister about Brent and his new team. The same goes with my dad and his texts about Da Bears. But, when you put our teams against each other, it creates a whole new dynamic. Sadly, the Packers have been on the bad end of the texts lately. As I watched the game today, I had my fingers crossed that today would be the day that I was able to send the sarcastic texts. You saw the game. You know my phone was on silent the whole time to avoid humiliation.

Our plans today did not include a trip to a bar. The kind that serves fried, bar food. It comes piping hot, the fries crispy. The burger medium, with the cheese sliding off the patty over the sides of the bun. It smells amazing. But sadly, that is all I can have, the smell. Today we needed something more. Some comfort food. Our mission: braised short ribs. (and by our mission, I mean Mark’s, with my support and tasting talent standing by)

Not only did I get braised short ribs, but sweet potato mash with roasted leeks too.


Amazing. The flavors of the herbed tomato and red wine braised ribs were the perfect mate to the sweet potato mash. The roasted leeks were finished off with an Asian salt blend. Each one delicious on its own, and even better with a taste of each in one bite.

And then there was dessert. Two friends. Haagen-Dazs five Mint hanging out with Haagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate ice cream. Like a thin mint. The gluten free kind.

Our plans. Comfort food. Worth it. What is YOUR favorite comfort food for game days or any day?

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