Dots. YES! They’re gluten free!

There are certain people in my life that go out of their way to be sure I am well fed.  Co-workers who take the time to look up ingredients on gluten free websites to include me in the potluck or latest birthday celebration. Friends who call to check on ingredients for the spinach dip, one that always brings GF beer dip, our farm friends who just assumed we’re eating gf and whip up Betty Crocker brownies, and so many more who just get it, without a comment or an eye roll.  A family-to-be who have caught on so quickly, I do not have to question what is in the garlic potatoes or the cupcakes. A one of a kind mom who let’s me pick the restaurant every time and does not let a month or two go by without sending some kind of treat. A sister-celiac that shares this daily battle through texts, emails, calls, and makes the stop at the good bakeries on the way up north. And the most amazing live-in advocate a girl could ask for. I am blessed.

Often, the ingredients they are using are naturally gluten free. I try to spread the good word when I find out mainstream products are gluten free, so these entries, “YES! It’s gluten free!” are dedicated to just that. Now my friends and family will have consistent updates on everyday products that can be found at “normal” stores.

In the spirit of Halloween, it seems only appropriate to start off with some candy.  DOTS!!! (which also happens to be my personal fave, right after chocolate)

dots And not only are DOTS gf, but ALL of the Tootsie candies are.

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